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Payroll2Bangladesh Setup Services will help you with a branch office setup in Bangladesh. Our experts will assist you in completing the procedure with ease, thanks to their extensive understanding of business activities and also skills. If you attempt to perform the surgery on your own, it will become an uphill battle. Not to fear, our team is available to assist you with all aspects of establishing a branch office setup in Dhaka or anywhere else in Bangladesh.

Branch office setups of foreign companies can engage in commercial activities with prior approval from BIDA.

The local source of income of a Branch office can only come from the approved fields of business activities in Bangladesh with the prior approval of the Inter-Ministerial Committee and with sufficient documentation needed to support it.

Branch Office Setup Services in Bangladesh

Give Us Following Documents We Ensure Your Branch Office Setup Legally

The following documents/information are required for approval of a Branch or Liaison Office in Bangladesh:
  1. Four copies of the application in prescribed form signed by the authorized person for the establishment of the branch/liaison/representative office.
  2. Certificate of incorporation and Memorandum and also Articles of Association of the principal/parent company.
  3. The name and nationality of the directors/promoters of the principal company.
  4. Accounts of the principal company for the last financial year.
  5. Resolution of the company’s board of directors regarding opening an office in Bangladesh.
  6. The proposed organogram of the office shows the posts that will be occupied by both expatriates and locals.
  7. A description of the proposed Bangladesh branch, liaison office, or also representative office.
  8. Forwarding Letter.
  9. There is a requirement for the attestation of the documents (items 2-5) by the concerned Bangladesh mission, the respective country’s embassy in Bangladesh, industry chamber for the respective country, or local business chamber for the respective country.
  10. Documents not in English must be translate into English before submission.
  11. Also The BIDA must receive 4 copies of all the documents.

Other Information Required

  • Name:

    The name of the Bangladeshi Branch or Liaison Office must be correspond to the name of the foreign company.

  • Company Structure and Activities:

    The Memorandum and Articles of Association of foreign companies indicate the shareholders and structures of the company. A separate Memorandum and Articles of Association does not exist for the Branch or also Liaison Office.


  • Office Address:

    A Branch Office Setup must have an address in Bangladesh.

Government Fees

A fee of BDT 25.000 (Twenty five thousand) is required to be paid through a bank pay order. An original copy of the pay order must be submit to the BIDA.

Registration Procedure and Timeline

  • All documents must be submit physically to BIDA. Online applications are also available through BIDA’s website. A committee of Inter-Ministerial Ministers will review all documents after they have been properly scrutinize by BIDA officials. The Committee will review the documents and may request additional documents or a physical presentation.

  • If the committee is satisfy, it will approve. Typically, the Inter-Ministerial Committee meets twice a month. The usual timeline is one month or less.

  • An initial branch or liaison office opening is usually approve for a period of three (3) years, after which it may be extend.

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FAQs For Branch Office Setup Services

How much benefits of Setting up a business in Bangladesh?

Benefits of Setting up a business: Bangladesh is a dreamer’s paradise. Expat investors have been considere in the development of federal legislation and regulations. Bangladesh. One of the world’s fastest-growing cities, can help your company grow. Starting a business or establishing a branch office in Bangladesh might be transformative for your company.

How can you help me set up a branch office in Bangladesh?

We will provide you with a full range of services for establishing a branch office in Bangladesh. You can talk to us about your needs. And we will provide you with the greatest option that will provide you with the most advantage.

How much time will it take to set up a business in Bangladesh?

Setting up a business in Bangladesh might take anywhere from three days to three weeks. The process will be completed quickly if you work with an experienced and also dependable agency.

How much will it cost for setting up a branch office setup in Bangladesh?

Branch office setup

The cost and other expenses associate with opening a branch office in Bangladesh are determine by a variety of factors, including the business operations envisaged. The sort of branch office you wish to open, and so on. You can get in touch with us to talk about it.

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