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We at payroll2bangladesh can help with expat employees recruitment services if you need them. Our expat employees recruitment agency handles all your recruitment for expats. Our services are available anywhere in the world at payroll2bangladesh.

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    We can find talent in a certain region or country, or if you’re looking for talent in a specific industry or sector, we can assign a professional recruiter to your company with substantial experience and knowledge in that field.

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    Our expat employees recruitment services are provide transparent options and benefits. Our company has access to some of the best talents who can positively impact your industry.

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    Expat employees recruitment Bangladeshi agencies can offer many advantages to companies that are thinking about geographical expansions as well as hiring the right resource that is proactive and multiskilled. 

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    A company should contact the right expats employees recruitment service. Which can provide the company with the assistance it needs in finding expats also.

expat employees requirement Services in Bangladesh

Remote HR Staffing

Work Visas Processing

Work Permit Support

Vendor Management

Liaison Office Setup

Get Tailored Expat Employees Recruitment Without The Cost

We can also conduct the expat search for the other countries based on your requirements. Our expat recruiters ensure that you find no difficulty managing international business locations.

Our Services Reduce Your Hiring Costs For New Employees

Employing an expat recruiter for international operations or services is not a decision that any company takes lightly. To survive in the marketplace, having employees who are fluent in a wide range of economics is necessary. However, expat finder has some challenges.

  • The cost of expatriates is much higher than it would be for someone in the same position at home.

  • Making sure you have the right resources who can handle both international culture and ambiance.

  • It may be difficult to find a job if you have had cultural and cosmopolitan exposure.

Build A Skilled Team With Our Expat Employees Recruitment Services

Payroll2Bangladesh is a Professional Expat Employees Recruitment Agency that provides Professional Expat Employees Recruitment Services and Professional Foreign Worker Employment Services in Bangladesh. Payroll2Bangladesh is licensed by the Ministry of Manpower, Bangladesh. For our customers, we provide any kind of foreign worker recruitment solution. As well as Employment Contract Drafting, we also provide employment law consulting services. We have experience handling employment issues and disputes involving foreign workers. Our team’s experience and knowledge has enabled us to assist clients with resolving several difficult foreign worker employment issues over the years. To assist our customers in finding the right employee in the shortest possible time, we provide the following simplified procedure to hire foreign workers:

Step 1:

Determine the skills and qualifications needed for foreign workers all the services we offer you affordably and ensure the best services.

Step 2:

Get a grasp of your company’s existing quota and staff. With a procedure for selection, we will support you and also the interview panel.

Step 3:

Provide the employer with the best and most effective solutions for foreign worker employment. Our professional will improve the culture of your company.

Step 4:

Filter the workers and arrange for the best candidates to attend the employer’s interview. Our HR expert will support you and the interview panel.

Step 5:

Step 5: Ensure that the foreign worker arrives on time, arrange all lodging, and also transportation, etc. So that the worker can successfully obtain his pass. 

Get Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction With Our Expat Employees

An employee’s transfer abroad for a short-term, long-term, or permanent assignment is not an easy process. Payroll2Bangladesh can assist in making your first assignment in Bangladesh possible. Whether you are adding another employee to your existing large expatriate workforce in Other countries or if you are just about to assign your first executive here. Assisting your expatriate executives in orienting themselves, settling in, and also making themselves feel at home when they arrive is also part of our service.

Services We Provide Include:

Please provide feedback regarding how your company handles expatriates abroad. According to the Bangladesh Employment Ordinance and also its requirements, I would like an opinion on the content of your employment contracts. Consultation services for obtaining Bangladeshi employment visas from the Immigration Department.

Expat Employees Recruitment may be exempt from the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme Ordinance if they consult an expert.

Transferring the personal effects of expatriates to Bangladesh, including clearing customs. Provide assistance to expatriate employees and also their families in finding appropriate international health insurance plans.

It is important for expatriates to know where the company’s office and living facilities are also located.

  1. Assistance with applications for commercial licences and also permits.
  2. Expat inquiries can be addressed through the contact person.
  3. Assisting with dependent visa applications to the Immigration Department.
  4. Visits to orientations.
  5. Also we help children of expatriates find suitable schools.

Assistance with terminating lease agreements and coordination with movers following an international assignment. Preparation of documents necessary to notify various authorities about expatriates’ departure from Bangladesh and also obtain departure clearance from them.

We Help You Find The Skilled Permanent Employees.

As your ideal expat recruiters, we are well versed in the dynamics of the various markets and their requirements. We can assist you in augmenting growth in different geographies with effective personnel capable of handling international assignments. We also ensure remote employee onboarding for a successful business.

Our Specialties

1. The requirements for a specific country position should be complied with, along with the specifications that the company demands.

2. They are global in all respects and well-versed in the market’s requirements.

3. Those professionals who are capable of handling international pressures and building successful international relationships.

4. We are an overseas recruitment agency dedicated to finding candidates who will settle first and meet your international goals.

5. We recruit expats for Dubai, Qatar, Singapore, the United Kingdom, USA, and South Africa.
expat employees requirement Services in Dhaka

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5 Special Reasons Make Us Different & Customer Trust Us

We will be the ideal partner for your foreign locations that need expats. Payroll2Bangladesh can be your agency of choice for these reasons:

1. We have extensive experience in expat employees recruitment. Our company has many expats for multiple industries also. An experience like this is helpful in the right talents.

2. Providing our clients with exceptional service comes at an affordable price. Our clients have mostly remained with us because of this. We are able to offer them services over and over again.

3. We respond very quickly to the requirements. We don’t want to see your business suffer due to a delay on our part. Our experts meet fixed deadlines. We meet them physically.

4. Each client has customized needs that are taken into consideration. Let us know if there are any special requirements you need.

5. You will be able to handle your needs with the help of experienced expats. Foreign assignments have been handled with great efficiency by them.

6. Providing quality manpower is what we do. We maintain the quality of our services throughout the whole process also.

FAQs For Expat Employees Recruitment

How do your recruitment services work?

We assist you with your recruitment needs and expedite the process by shortlisting the best individuals for the job and presenting them to the firm through job interviews. They will also chat personally with candidates, determining whether they are qualified for the position and maybe securing a temporary or permanent position for them.

What types of staffing solutions do you offer?

Temporary, contract, and also permanent placements, Contract employees, and executive searches are just a few of the services. We provide to meet your needs. Whatever your staffing needs are, we’ll work with you to find the best options as quickly as possible.

What sectors or industries do you recruit for?

warehouse and logistics, and administrative, contact center finance and banking, and also insurance are just a few of the sectors and industries we service in Bangladesh. Regardless of the industry you work in, our aim is to equip your organization with the most effective tools for hiring people who are a good fit for your firm.

Is your agency an equal opportunity employer?

Finally, we want to make sure that all applicants of culture or background, have equal opportunities to work in the workforce if their talents and experience match the requirements of the organizations for whom we’re recruiting. We believe in creating strong and also diverse work cultures that allow people to flourish and  their various skills.

How you add value to my company’s hiring process?

Our talent pool is never short, from designing and posting effective first job posts that include the most relevant keywords to the rigorous interviewing process. We employ a successful strategy known as full-circle recruitment. Which requires executing nearly every component of the expat employees recruitment process possible. We’ll meet with you one-on-one to learn what you’re looking for in a candidate, and then contact each one on your behalf to learn more about their qualifications.

What are the training needs employees?

Recognize how their new culture affects their social and also professional interactions. Learn everything you can about the country you’ll be visiting. Encourage them to develop the abilities they’ll need to acclimatize to their new living and also working situation.

Expat Employees Recruitment: Cost Effective, Flexible & Secured Solutions

We offer world-class expat employees recruitment services. Our process only for you company’s fastest growth with a skilled team.