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The base price ranges from 25 dollars to 150 dollars each month, and the per-employee fee ranges from 3 to 5 dollars per payroll cycle. Most payroll services impose a per-person or per-check cost in addition to a monthly base price.

Payroll is among the most difficult responsibilities that a business owner has, especially if the company has a large number of employees. Payroll entails a variety of responsibilities, including deducting all appropriate local, regional, and federal income taxes from employees’ earnings, paying their due taxes for every worker, adjusting vacation & sick pay, and much more. 

1. According to Business Insider, basic payroll management services cost from 0.80 dollar and 2.00 dollar  each check plus a base account charge, while sophisticated services like direct payment and tax filing can cost anywhere between 4 and 9  dollars per pay period.

2. For simple services, companies like ADP and PayChex may charge roughly $3 each check.

3. A company with 25-35 workers that uses Adt or Paychex for all of its payroll processing (basic and advanced) could pay anywhere from 250 dollars and 1,500 dollars per month.

4. Payroll services may be better to outsource to an accountant. For example, a small company with ten employees would pay an accountant 250 dollars per month to handle payroll.

5. Subscriptions online payroll systems that work using computer software, such as Gusto & SurePayroll, cost 75-250 each year.

6. For full payroll services, one Massachusetts retailer charged $25 each bi-monthly payment period and 35 dollars for the year filings per employee.

7. For fully equipped payroll, personal tax, and direct deposit, a Colorado company charged 13/dollars a month per employee.

8. A Michigan-based insurance company paid 45 dollars per week for small company payroll services, which included biweekly pay, envelopes stuffing and signature checks, bank transfer, income tax payments, or monthly / quarterly summaries.

9. A small Bangladeshi consulting firm paid 31 dollars per month to outsourced payroll services, which included full payroll, income taxes, W-2 including 1099 assistance, and year end tax returns.