Sophisticated Expatriates Management Services

Payroll2Bangladesh provides payroll and expatriates management services to expatriates globally. We offer end-to-end business processes and services in over 146 countries from our offices in the US, UK, and Singapore.

We are the leading innovator in our industry since 2005, providing consolidated fully-auditable solutions across the fields of Global Payroll, Expense Management, and also Global Mobility. The services we offer are tailored to our clients’ needs through in-depth knowledge of their practices, policies, and procedures combined with our industry-leading expertise by automating processes and leveraging global experts.

Our expat management services are the best available in Bangladesh. Payroll2Bangladesh offers flexible, efficient, and effective HR solutions to expatriates management of our partners. So we ensure that our partners’ and their expats in payroll2bangladesh for work are comfortable. And can concentrate on their assignments, while we handle certain tasks on their behalf.

Expat Employee Recruitment Service

Remote HR Staffing

We offer remote solutions to work with Bangladeshi professionals, seamlessly and compliantly without setting up local entities.

Remote Employee Onboarding

Onboarding is a series of activities that help new hires meet their teammates and learn about the company’s methods, rituals, and tools.

Work Visas Processing

The population density of Bangladesh is among the highest in the world.

Work Permit In Bangladesh

Every foreign national seeking employment in Bangladesh must obtain a work permit.

Expatriate HR Management

Successful international business requires effective expatriate management.

Expat Employees Recruitment

We at payroll2bangladesh can help with expat employee recruitment services if you need them.

Unique & Professional Expatriates Management Services

Expatriates Management Services:-

The process of sending employees on a short-term or long-term assignment or on a permanent basis abroad is not straightforward. If you are looking to add another employee to your existing large expatriates management in Other countries. If you are just about to assign your first executive here. Payroll2bangladesh can deliver a comprehensive range of services to make this possible for you.

We will also assist your expatriates management in orienting themselves, settling in, and making themselves feel at home when they arrive. Our company has extensive experience helping corporations position their key people in the right locations.

It Is Time To Take Your Business To The Next Level With Expatriates Management

       The best expat management services are provided by us.

Exclusive Services We Provide Include:

The Expatriates Management Process

  1. Feedback on your company terms and procedures for employees management abroad.
  2. I would like to comment on the content of your contracts based on the Bangladesh Employment Ordinance and its requirements
  3. Consultation services for Bangladesh employment visas with the Immigration Department

Information on local taxation applicable experts

Expatriate employees may be exempt from the Mandatory Provident Fund Scheme Ordinance if you consult an expert.

Relocation companies

  1. Organization of the transfer of expatriate employees’ personal possessions to Bangladesh, including clearance with customs.
  2.  Assist expatriate employees and their families in finding appropriate international health insurance plans.

Start-up support and local orientation

  1. The location of the company’s office and living accommodation for expatriates.
  2. Application assistance for relevant permits and commercial licenses.
  3. Inquiries from expats can be addressed through the contact person.
  4. Providing assistance with applications for dependent visas to the Immigration Department.
  5. Visits to orientations
  6. We help children of expatriates find suitable schools

Travel itinerary

  1. Assistance with the termination of lease agreements and coordination with movers at the end of an international assignment.
  2. Preparation of documents necessary to notify various local authorities about expatriate employees’ departure from Bangladesh and obtain departure clearance from them.

Simplified Immigration Services For Expat Workers

Hassel-Free Expatriates Management Services

Ensuring a smooth transition

The process of placing expats abroad has proven to be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. Expatriates Management Services are now part of the Global Employment Services offered by payroll2bangladesh Tax and also Legal.

The purpose of this service is to ensure that the employee and his or her family will feel comfortable and confident to begin their new lives in Hungary. As a result, the employee will have a faster turnaround time, thus increasing productivity at the start of the new project.

Home search, Schooling overview, Settling in and Departure services:

Expatriates often have an exciting and emotional time when looking for a new home. A successful relocation starts with finding the right place to live. We take time to learn about an expatriate’s unique needs. We will evaluate a family’s requirements and select suitable properties to view, helping them navigate the lease procedures in their area.

Our home search services basically include:


We can help you define and communicate your business goals.


Get 8 Exclusive Expatriates Management Services Through Our Legal Team

1. Tenancy Management

Payroll2Bangladesh provides ongoing support services for the duration of a lease once the home search stage is complete.

2. Compliance with Leases

Payroll 2 Bangladesh ensure all provisions agreed to with landlord are completed before occupancy.

3. Inspection Report

Provide a detailed report including digital photos of the condition of the property before and after the tenancy period.

4. Tenancy Consultation

Ensure the tenant is aware of all the terms of the lease agreement and the obligations they have.

5. Connection Services

Applicants for utilities (gas, electricity, water and sewage, telephone, internet, cable TV) can be assisted.

6. Security Deposit

We take care of collection of payments, after lease termination and administration of lease payments.

7. Lease Tracking

Our legal specialized team Keep track of critical dates such as lease renewal and lease renegotiation.

8.Cancellation Services

Help with the termination of utilities (gas, electricity, water & sewage, telephone, internet, cable TV).

When expatriates management have completed the move. The families tend to focus significantly more on finding their place in the new community and establishing a new life in the new host country. The list of items which can be address in settling-in services is endless. But one of the most important things is making the families feel at home.

Payroll2Bangladesh offers support in a wide range of areas:

  • The account has been set up
  • Organizing insurance
  • Getting help with household chores (cleaner, housekeeper, babysitter)
  • Training in languages
  • Assistance with auto rentals and buying
  • Purchase advice for furniture
  • This is an orientation

Assignees may need to make the first decision concerning their family future depending on how important it is to provide the children with a good education.

Families need to decide whether they want their children to attend local or international schools. The payroll2bangladesh expatriates management work with families according to the Analysis Datasheet also:

  • Provide an overview of education options and a detail overview of requirements during the briefing.
  • Learn about the educational options also available.
  • Also Provide the assignee with a shortlist of schools and make appointments with school heads/deans of administration.
  • A detailed schedule for school visits should be provide to the employee.

There is often an aspect of relocation services that is overlook. It takes time to move and to organize departure details the employees’ ability to deliver services during the last phase of the project. During this phase, the relocation team will ensure that all necessary transfers, cancellation procedures, and also are completed legally.

This usually includes matter such as:

  • Help with mail forwarding.
  • Private vehicle sales assistance.
  • The property needs to be cleaned and repaired, if necessary.
  • Services for check-out.
  • Also Utilities are shut down.
  • Negotiation of Deposit Return upon termination of lease.
  • Banks and insurance companies cancel.
  • We provide furniture resale assistance also.
  • Tax and legal registrations de-registered

Follow These 3 Easy Steps To Start Our Expatriates Management Partnership

1. Intelligence Cross-Cultural

Expatriates with a track record of successful international assignments bring with them an innate understanding of how to best work across cultures and languages.  As a result, they will be able to adapt to local values and systems more efficiently and ultimately deliver best results. There expatriates management is standardized and efficient for the growth of your business.

2. Flexibility and Teamwork

Expats with experience must be able to work with people with different ideas and thought processes based on different cultural standards. Successful people must be patient and open to diverse viewpoints. The team members’ ability to balance those views with maintaining the department’s and the company’s best interests makes them highly effective and flexible.

3. Dedicated and Ambitious

A person whose career has taken them abroad, or out of the country, is considered an expat. The seasoned expat has moved their lives abroad in order to increase their market value and themselves from the rest, constantly expanding their net of relationships and knowledge in foreign places, covering a whole new demographic of customers of all industries. 

FAQ About Expatriates Management

How we evaluate expatriate performance?

Our expatriates management services follow the standard method to measure compensation for the past 20 years has been the Balance Sheet (or buildup system). Payroll 2 Bangladesh design this to or ensure an employee is no worse off during the assignment than they were at home.

We ensure that staff retain the same amount of buy power and savings of the same capacity as his country of origin. The expatriate neither gains nor loses from a monetary perspective.

How we manage worldwide expat obstacles?

We provide extensive training to Expat Specialists as a part of expatriates management to solve the hassle. Which is also related to Recruitment Techniques, Employee Retention and Motivation, Ability Development Training, and Attaining Corporate Culture. These are the worldwide most challenging problems which are efficiently solved by our specialized team.

What are the factors of your service that affect their efficiency?

Payroll 2 Bangladesh takes care of the factors that affect the expat employee’s efficiency expatriates management. For example Guaranteed salary, job roles, headquarters’ support; hosting environment. And social adjustment are all characteristics that influence also performance.

What criteria we notice while choosing expatriates?

Payroll 2 Bangladesh focuses on some key characteristics while selecting or recruiting expats, through expatriates also  management.

For example, to a different culture, commitment in new place, dedicated knowledge, previously overseas job experience and full records of performance, language aptitudes, marital status, or family circumstances.

How expats earn more money than local staffs?

Ministry of Expatriates’ Welfare and Overseas Employment was set up to develop the condition by guaranteeing. The overall welfare and equal chance for the expatriate Bangladeshis. There are three reasons are noticeably to blame for numerous disparities among national and expat employees. The differential in budget of living, currency value differences and standard salary packages between both the country of origin and the country where they work.

How hiring expatriates can benefited you?

We run management for several reasons. Protecting to retain Global Expats is our prime goal. An ex-pat can help in guaranteeing that the similar culture and processes that also you in your origin country are abroad.

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