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An organization’s human resources are one of its most time-consuming components. Take a closer look at how payroll2bangladesh can help you with your human resource outsourcing.
Human Resource HR Outsource and Payroll Services

4 Human Resource Outsourcing Features

Many small business owners wonder whether they can afford human resource outsourcing. We handle it all at payroll2bangladesh. We offer the following services as your human resources company:

HR Audits

Whether you spend too much or too little time managing human resources, payroll2bangladesh makes it possible to keep track of your organization’s HR practices. The Human Resource Outsourcing will provide recommendations for improving and/or outsourcing HR functions. 

HR Compliance

There are many Human Resource outsourcing compliance issues between recruitment and retirement. Your business will be compliant with COBRA, ERISA, HIPAA, ADA, EEOC, DOL, and others by using Payroll2Bangladesh. 

Employee Recruitment and Training

Recruiting employees can be difficult and time-consuming, from creating jobs and posting them to reviewing resumes. While you’ll retain full control over hiring decisions, payroll2bangladesh  can do all the legal work before an actual interview is conducted. Our training programs cater to employees’ specific job functions in addition to attracting quality applicants.

HR Portal

A digital record keeps you from creating unnecessary paperwork and letting you access it from anywhere with an Internet connection. We make it easy for you to measure, track, and review your documents with an all-inclusive Human Resource outsourcing portal.

  • Review by employees
  • Descriptions of jobs
  • Requests from PTO
  • Guides for employees

Communicating among companies, as well as other topics.

Recruitment Strategies

Job Placement And Recruitment Strategies

Job Placement

The agency was designed to introduce to all businessmen.

Remote Workforce Management

Without losing efficiency, clarity, or productivity, you can manage your team remotely.

Placement Agency

With its skilled recruitment and staffing solutions, Payroll2Bangladesh is here to assist you.

Local HR Consulting

With our comprehensive done-for-you HR consulting services, you can better manage your staff.

End-To- End Human Resource Outsourcing Solutions

There is a possibility as an entrepreneur that you will no longer be able to handle administrative tasks or manage human resource outsourcing. We can help with that. Human Resource outsourcing companies can handle a wide range of responsibilities for your business. From payroll taxes to employee benefits, we handle all the administrative work so you can focus on what’s important to your business.

Innovative & Cost-effective Human Resource Outsourcing Solutions

Your international human resources challenges are too many and you lack the time to handle them! If you do, then outsourcing your human resource outsourcing might be the right move for your company. Payroll2Bangladesh can handle all of your HR requirements so you can focus on growing your company’s profitability and productivity.

Be Our Human Resource Management Partner To Enjoy Our Uniqueness

The following are a few of the cost-effective trends that have been picking up in recent years:

  • Mobile access to cloud-based payroll outsourcing systems
  • Employees have access to their own personal accounts to check their records
  • Providing the ability to analyze tax calculations as outsourced companies have their systems integrated with changes in taxation laws and regulations in the country

It is expected that these trends will catch up with smaller firms very soon.

HR Outsourcing Solution in Bangladesh

Our client has entrusted Payroll2Bangladesh with the operational responsibility for managing their HR function.

Our service and solution:

The work has also involved preparing and issuing contracts of employment and dealing with all other legal issues related to employment , overseeing recruitment and selection of employees , establishing local payroll services, benefit schemes and administration .

The Outcome:

Employers are protected by legal and benefit requirements and a framework exists to protect employers while treating employees fairly. Director and senior managers’ time spent dealing with HR matters in the course of their day has been minimized. 

Our human resource services can save your company money in several different ways:

  1. Greater buying power – Through economies of scale, you will be able to buy with more power
  2. Enhance employee retention – There are many reasons why employees may leave. We help to reduce that risk by offering benefits employees love, including a comprehensive and competitive benefits package, online resources that are easy to locate, and employee incentives and rewards programs.
  3. Easy onboarding – When you perform human resource outsourcing, we take care of the onboarding process. We provide a convenient online portal

Our Dedicated Outsourcing Team

Your international human resources challenges are too many and you lack the time to handle them!


If you do, then outsourcing your human resources might be the right move for your company. Payroll2Bangladesh can handle all of your HR requirements so you can focus on growing your company’s profitability and productivity.


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FAQ For Human Resource Outsourcing

Yes! Of course.  We have customers across Bangladesh. In this case of remote workforces and remote support, our human resource outsourcing services clients anywhere they want. Therefore the location is not an issue for us.

We spend enough time getting to know your corporation and your teams that it is just like emailing or calling the office down the hall versus walking over to meet in person. Our customers find this efficient and effective. We are not wasting time with needless meetings, being interrupted, waiting to talk to you, and so on. Moreover, we also guarantee we have the latest technology so that we can be available to you. Surely, we have the capability to meet on site regularly if you are within driving distance or travel out to your location as needed.

There are lots of variables that have an influence on determining the cost. Payroll 2 Bangladesh believes that each relationship is different and unique, so your pricing will reflect your particular requirements. You will like the way that we staff in order to manage your expenditures. You will be assigned an expert team of an HR Director, HR Manager, and HR Generalist, in short, a Human Resource Outsourcing team. Each is at a different rate and we push work down so that you are only ever investing in the level of work that is being accomplished. No more, no less.

We’ll walk you through our proposal, break down the prices and make sure you understand them. Additionally, we assure transparency, so you have complete comfort in what you’re getting for the value. Moreover, we want a long-term relationship with you. Our customers have communicated to us that we treat their investment as if it were our own investment.

The last thing you want is to spend more time on HR. When they call us, most of our prospective clients feel this way.

“I feel exhausted from managing so many needs and requirements in an effort to maintain a successful and happy workforce,” we often hear.

We can tell you from over 15 years of experience that we make Human Resource Outsourcing work so well that you will wonder why you waited so long to contact us. We get to know your organization, your people, your culture, and what makes it stand out. Our next step is to determine what HR areas we should cover. As a result, we integrate both into a unique service for your business. Initially, we strive to blend in as if we were always there, and then we get to know you and your team, and then we focus on enhancing every aspect of your HR that we manage. We handle your HR needs as if they were our own.

We are proud to offer you customizable boutique style solutions to meet the unique needs of your company. As a Human Resource Outsourcing Strategies client, you are able to contract for the services you explicitly require, and you can choose either a PEO or an HRO arrangement.

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