Transparent & Strategic Human Resource Management Services

Most businesses today need to cut operating costs and deliver more value as a result of the fierce competition they face. This can be achieved by work and handling core business functions in-house. One such business function that can be easily outsourced to save costs, time, and also effort is human resource management (HR). We at payroll2bangladesh have been working with a variety of international organizations with our streamlined HR solutions, professional staff and research-based insights.

Our human resource management services enable our customers to best place to buy clenbuterol reduce costs, improve employee satisfaction, and implement HR strategies more effectively. 

As an organization, we have changed the way HR management was done in several companies with our expertise in HR strategy, process redesign, organizational change, and employee relationship management. Bringing in the best talent, managing it, and helping it grow is what we promise to you, so that our business is more productive and also profitable.

Grow Your Business With Us

We use the latest technologies, such as HR-XML data exchanges, integrated HR platforms, virtual workspace and workforce management, and business intelligence & reporting. 

Provide expert HR services by following robust Human Resource management policy, including migration, project management, customer management, and also reporting.

We will ensure that the confidentiality of your data is maintained at every level, so you need not worry about its security.

And we have a team of Human Resource management professionals, technical experts, research analysts, process specialists and also transition managers, which means that we can deliver premium quality services in a rapid manner.

Smooth HR Recruitment Services

  • Hiring project staff
  • Recruiting administration
  • Analytics
  • Interviewing candidates also
  • References and background checks
  • Interviewing and also recommending candidates
  • Also Integration of new employees

Don't miss our Superior Quality 4 Human Resource Management Features

1. HR Shared Services

  1. Supplier management
  2. Management of benefits also
  3. Conducting surveys
  4. Human management system
  5. The global HR help desk
  6. Workplace compliance
  7. Also final settlement

2. Providers of Payroll

  1. Payroll processing
  2. Report generation
  3. Compliance with statutes
  4. Self-service by employees
  5. Also detailed reporting
  6. Payroll support
  7. And also Tax reporting

3. Personnel Management

  1. Analyzing compensation plans
  2. Acquisition planning
  3. The planning process
  4. Service to retain employees
  5. Motivate and guide employees
  6. Maintain relation
  7. Procedure of management

4. HR Process Consulting

  1. Management of retention also
  2. Process re-engineering
  3. HR process audit
  4. Develop and operate services
  5. Managing the subordinates
  6. Manage the hierarchy
  7. Organizing function

Frequently Asked Questions For Human Resource Management

How do we improve our turnover rate?

Payroll2Bangladesh, human resource management team hire the right candidate, give them the tools they require to do their job and also make them feel and valued. Communication is critical. Therefore Staffs do not leave for money, they leave because they do not realize engaged or respected.

How we optimize training and development costs?

Payroll 2 Bangladesh human resource management a training needs analysis to understand. Where ability are lacking in the business and where training and other development can help. This will benefit you make the accurate level of investment in training initiatives that will higher profits. The development and engagement of employees towards business-critical skills also.

How we optimize employee benefit costs?

optimize employee benefit:-

Payroll 2 Bangladesh believes that it’s important to balance the primary costs of staff benefits by their impact on your recruitment, productivity, and also retention outcomes.

We measure your data with human resource management. In order to assess how effective your benefits packages are. Moreover, it’s also crucial to track your pay and benefits data and pay and benefits software helps in this regard by giving a clear overview of your expenses.

How we optimize HR admin costs?

There comes a time for many businesses where paper files and no longer cut the mustard;

Generally, too much time is spent keeping paper files and spreadsheets everything up to date, making calculations, or simply finding the right document.

Therefore, we offer a software system for the human management team. It is the right software solution for managers and HR staff with a range of staff management processes, from holiday and absence management to appraisals and also disciplinary.

What is our costs per hire?

Here, cost per hire depends on hiring volume. The more people you recruit, the lower your cost per hire will be. This is because some fixed costs can be spread out over a larger number of recruits.  Moreover, some roles and industries (example: engineering) need longer time to hire and the  costs of a longer process result in higher costs per hire. These are maintained by human resource management.

Cost per hire=  ( internal recruiting cost+ external recruiting cost)/ total number of hires

Do I have right to turn down a position?

Turning down offers will not have a negative impact on your status with us. In fact, our human management prefers that you do not accept any assignments also. If you feel for any reason that also it is not right for you.


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