Intelligent Workforce Management Solutions

The most efficient and effective way to manage human capital is through a highly disciplined process and the appropriate supporting technology.

Our Dynamic Approach to Staff Management Service

Payroll2bangladesh Consulting provides Just-in-Time Resourcing (JITR) solutions to assist companies with putting the right person in the right place at the right time. Human capital management services are delivered under the Just-in-Time brand. We help organizations build the right set of capabilities to achieve the most efficient use of human capital in professional, consulting, and support services operations. Human capital costs (agents) typically account for the majority of your total costs in contact centers; therefore, a WFM methodology such as JITR is essential.

Our Solution and Approach to Workforce Management

We Deliver Outstanding Customer Experiences following 4 Workforce Management Steps

1. Productivity of the workforce

We need to serve the most customers at the least possible cost, but what is the best way to do so? The process of aligning supply and demand in a modern contact center is not easy, but we at RTMC have been helping customers do it for over ten years. We provide the building blocks necessary for managing and maintaining a balance between agent capacity and customer service demand with our Just-in-Time Resourcing® solutions.

2. Global Scheduling Optimization/Follow the Sun

You might be able to use idle agents in one region after hours to handle calls during peak times in another? We can help you develop a staffing and WFM plan to get the most out of all agents, regardless of region. We can help you flatten out the peaks and valleys of agent scheduling with our deep understanding of both process support and innovative contact center technology.

3. Using after-hours

If your company is like most others, do you have analysts sitting idle after hours so that they can be contacted if need be?” Many companies struggle with low utilization of after-hours analysts. We can assist in putting in place processes to keep these analysts employed, helping you maximize their time.

4. Channel Scheduling

How challenging is it to schedule and manage agents to handle phone calls, chats, emails, and social media support effectively? Multi-channel support is an option for you? Channels monitored by the channel monitors are they prioritized? Payroll2Bangladesh can help you review your scheduling practices, make recommendations to make them more efficient, and develop programs to optimize scheduling and agent performance.

All-in-One Employee Management System

Our company is your top-notch staff augmentation provider for all your needs

As a result of USM’s successful track record of providing innovative and results-driven workforce management solutions, the client always comes first.

The company offers a variety of services, including Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO), Contingent Workforce Solutions, and Full-time & Permanent staffing solutions for clients around the world.

We help organizations accelerate digital transformation and empower them to run their businesses smartly in this connected world.

Utilizing the power of futuristic and advanced technologies, we can assist your business to start on a journey to transformation. Our clients across the United States receive unbeatable technology solutions and services from us.

Reduce the investments in hiring new employees. Ensure that projects are delivered on time. Enhance the overall performance of your business!

Our Unique Staff management Service

Our Workforce Management

Our team includes experts in all aspects of talent acquisition and workforce management. Take advantage of their expertise to learn what’s new, what’s best, and why. Payroll2Bangladesh Insights can be found here.

Reduce expenditures on new hires. Keep to your schedule for project delivery. Enhance the overall performance of your business! We are a leading provider of contingent staffing services with AI solutions to enhance search processes. Our strategy of staff augmentation made us unique in the workforce management industry despite our experience providing diverse workforce management services and workforce management solutions for more than 20 years now. Our industry-leading services have helped us to retain the trust of our clients. We optimize your complex IT projects and help you achieve your business goals. We collaborate with your development teams to understand your project needs and determine which workforce management solution is most appropriate for your production environment.

Few words about us

The company is most widely recognized for its HR Consultancy and recruitment services.

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Simplified Workforce Management System For You

Our Global Talent 

Payroll2bangladesh provides expertise in the specific verticals, skills, and delivery models required to drive successful client partnerships. Our deep-dive engagements confirm what you’re doing well and identify opportunities for improvement and cost-savings.Together, we’ll figure out the quickest path to success. Get in touch with Payroll2Bangladesh or one of our global talent solution providers today.

Most Trusted Workforce Management Solutions

Integrated Talent Solutions 

Understanding your requirements and objectives is important to us. We listen and work together to create a truly unique experience.

We have enough capabilities to identify, pick, and hire the talent who meets the core values of your business. Contact us today.

Finding the right people with the right skills to fill vacancies in your organisation is integral to your competitive advantage. Payroll2bangladesh is a global leader in recruiting for employee positions across the world and our RPO teams consistently decrease time-to-fill and cost-to-fill for our clients. With our RPO solutions, your payroll2bangladesh team becomes an extension of your HR department that will oversee all or part of the talent acquisition process, bringing technical innovation for measurable results.


There are several group members that will support you and your staffs. It includes specialized team of Operations Leader and Operations Coordinator (HR Service Support), Welfares Advisor and Specialist, and a Payroll Specialist.

In addition to these direct resources, your staffs can contact our Help Desk via email or phone for support on any of these topics.

In Payroll 2 Bangladesh retention rate is 97%. Moreover, our customers stay with us because we focus on attaining results that improve their bottom line and provide our customers with consistently high-quality services as well as support.

Additionally, we provide your employees with superior support on unchanging issues related to HR, payroll, and benefits.

Yes, we are happy to provide references. Our policy is to ask permission of our customers before using them as a reference. So please give us a few days and we’ll get you a list.

Payroll 2 Bangladesh has been helping our clients succeed by supporting them with high-touch HR, payroll processing, employee benefits, and employment compliance services for over 25 years.

The charge of a Workforce Management solution is normally based on how many employees are to register their time in the system, the variety of functionality and which registration device(s) the business chooses. Therefore, the price comprises a basic investment in the desired software and hardware as well as an annual support and maintenance charge. Additionally, maximum vendors charge a fee per user per month/half year/year

Simplify your workforce management service by offloading all complicated tasks to our expert management team