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With our comprehensive done-for-you HR consulting services, you can better manage your staff. Our benefits management oversight keeps them safe, our HR consulting team keep them paid on time, and we provide them with the tools and training they need to succeed. We’ll keep you up to date on evolving labor rules and provide you with comprehensive, data-driven HR reports. Choose between HR and Payroll Services, or combine the two for a comprehensive approach to managing your company’s human capital.As it happens, the most efficient, experienced and diligent professionals still find their payroll causing them too much hassle. If you belong to these kinds of professionals, you can leave your worries behind because Payroll2BD is nowhere to help you with your needs. Providing you with automatic calculation, payment, and most local payroll taxes; all of which gives you more time to focus on what matters most — growing your business.


Thrive your profit with 5 local HR consulting solutions

With the assistance of our payroll services and facilities, your time, money and effort will be saved, thus giving you peace of mind, helping you work better. We make use of the most efficient tools and processes that will help you maximize your time saving also minimizing your expenses. Payroll2BD provides you with payroll solutions that consolidate and integrates your companies’ payroll management and reporting needs.

  • 1.Tracking and processing paid time off (PTO)
  • 2. Payroll and billing reports available online for each pay period
  • 3. Time and attendance management
  • 4. Simplified payroll submission
  • 5.Paperless payroll option and much more
HR Report

Since the world gets highly modernized, the business industry and heights become more and more complex. Because of this, the functions of human resources also transform from simple to more composite ones. Its purpose is to move beyond doing all the transaction processes and orchestrating, so it is a must to keep it well-established, making it run strategically and efficiently. With all of these factors to consider as an owner or manager, you may become sidetracked and overburdened with difficulties and responsibilities. Payroll2Bangladesh was designed to assist you in organizing your organization and to provide you with effective HR outsourcing services. Payroll2Bangladesh HR Outsourcing Service offers your company solutions such as calculate time and attendance information, calculate tax and benefit withholdings, draw up paychecks, and file forms with the IRS, helping you manage and support every aspect of your human resource and employment operation, thus allowing you to focus on the core tasks of your company which are the most important aspects of your organization. With our expertise, authentic and integrated solutions, we will help you handle your daily HR operations and processes. The business solutions that we offer are those that encompass diverse and crucial proceedings, administrative, meticulous procedures and strategic functions, thus leading you to a well-directed accomplishment. Our workforce is composed of professional, friendly, commercially focused individuals who are dedicated to providing you with the best possible results. We can serve you and work for you regarding the management of your entire human resource in a very efficient and systematic way.

HR Reports

With us, you stay up to date as we provide you with detailed and accurate reports of on-time payroll where you can access your different reports for you to get important and valuable information from your HR. These reports of your payroll will also bring you more valuable insights that you can use to further develop and understand your business as well as your workforce.

FAQ For Local HR Consulting

Consultants of Payroll 2 Bangladesh have experience of working with a variety of HR service in Bangladesh and will use this to aid inform and implement your HR systems. Moreover, we are the highest responsive and reliable for national and international job placement service in Bangladesh and worldwide.

Contracting an experienced HR professional on staff is more expensive than recruiting a consultant.

Therefore, employers can save up to approx. 30 percent by employing an independent contractor because they avoid paying payroll taxes, unemployment insurance, employees’ compensation and disability, as well as benefits that include pensions, sick days, health insurance and holiday time.
For a HR consultant you don’t pay an annual a salary. Hence you pay for the expertise when you want it.

With a consultant you don’t pay for:

  1. benefits (medical, dental, life insurance)
  2. retirement – pension
  3. vacation
  4. payroll taxes
  5. office equipment and supplies
  6. software licenses
  7. bonuses
  8. company events
  9. training
  10. sick pay
  11. worker’s compensation
  12. disability
  13. unemployment insurance

paid holidays

We support our clients for meeting the demands of overseas Human resource consultancy support in Bangladesh. Here, our expert team are engaged in offering complete Human Resource support in Bangladesh as per the well-defined and programmed approach that makes the service considered as one of the best in industry.

We offer a wide range of human resource staffing solutions for overseas in Bangladesh. With huge database of skilled unskilled, trained and experienced professionals in Bangladesh, we are able to successfully encounter the diverse needs of different industries.

Yes, Bangladesh laws only permit companies certified Bangladesh Government to hire employees. Before these companies can be certified by this government agency, they must first come across the eligibility requirement of having a registered business/company here in the Bangladesh. See More.

One of the key reasons behind this legal condition is because Government regulates the compulsory benefits, working conditions, and labor rights of staffs in the Bangladesh. However, if you do not have plans of setting up a business in the country but would like to outsource some of your business operations in the Bangladesh, you can avail of workforce leasing services through a third-party service provider like Payroll 2 Bangladesh.

No. We only charge our customers for successful recruitments. Moreover, we offer a one-time free replacement should the initial employed applicant does not work out. We just need at least one week notice so we can reexamine those we have shortlisted.

Local HR Consulting as Global PEO EOR Outsourcing Services

With our comprehensive done-for-you HR consulting services, you can better manage your staff. Our benefits management oversight keeps them safe.