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Even the most efficient, experienced and meticulous professionals still find their payroll causing them too much stress. If you belong to these kinds of professionals, you can leave your worries behind because Avada is now here to help you with your needs.We are one of the most trusted companies that you can lean on when it comes to improving the payroll in your business.

Outsource Payroll Processing

With the payroll services that we can offer, your time, money and effort will be saved, thus giving you peace of mind. We make use of the most efficient tools and processes that will help you maximize your time saving while minimizing your expenses.We are dedicated to giving you high-quality outsourcing services at a very low cost.

  1. Tracking and processing paid time off (PTO)
  2. Payroll and billing reports available online each pay period
  3. Time and attendance management
  4. Simplified payroll submittal
  5. Paperless payroll option and many others

Detailed Reports Of Payroll

With us, you can be updated as we can provide detailed reports of payroll where you can access your different reports for you to get important information from your HR. These reports of your payroll will also bring you more valuable insights that you can use to further develop your business as well as your staffs.

HR Reports of Payroll

As the world gets highly modernized, the business industry also gets more and more complex. Because of this, the functions of human resource also transform from simple to more complicated ones. Its purposes are moving beyond doing all the transaction processes and administering, so it is a must to keep it well-established and run strategically and efficiently.With all of these things that an owner or a manager must consider, you may feel so distracted and loaded with problems and burdens. So, to help you make your organization well-organized and to offer you efficient HR outsourcing services, Payroll Bangladesh was established.Payroll Bangladesh HR Outsourcing Service offers your company solutions that will help you manage and support every aspect of your human resource and employment administration, thus allowing you to focus on the core functions of your company which are the most important aspects of your organization.With our expertise, proven and integrated solutions, we will help you handle your daily HR operations and processes. The business solutions that we offer are those that encompass diverse and crucial transactions, administrative, meticulous processes and strategic functions, thus leading you to a well-directed success.Our team is composed of professional, friendly, commercially-focused individuals who are dedicated to bringing you the best possible results. We can serve you and work for you in managing your entire human resource in a very efficient and effective way.

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