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HR outsourcing firm in Bangladesh

We are the best HR outsourcing firm in Bangladesh that offers exceptional tax consultancy services that you will fit with your requirements and needs.

You can entrust the aspect of your business to our professional team of consultants and we will worked hand in hand to meet and fulfill your needs.

For those individuals who are seeking for the best provider of tax consultancy services, just feel free to visit our website and we will help you in the best way that we can.

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Our experience

Employees Outsourced - 10 years 98%
Happy Corporate - 8 years 95%
Hours of Support - 6 years 100%
Cups of Coffee - 5 years 97%
Tax Consultancy Services - 2 years 40%

Tax Consultancy Services

The tax system in Bangladesh is considered as well structured tax system and at the same time it is dynamic in nature. Frequent changes and gradations are the only reason that makes it complex.

Payroll Bangladesh is engaged in rendering the elite Tax Consultancy to companies to completely resolve complexities. The Bangladesh constitution has clearly defined the power to levy taxes between the State Government, local bodies and Central Government.

Taxes are paid and levied by the same person however there are taxes that are levied on one person and effectively paid by others. These can also be classified into Indirect taxes and Direct taxes.

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Professional Team

Direct taxes include income tax and Indirect taxes include VAT, service tax, central excise and customs duties. In the past few years, the government of Bangladesh has taken initiatives to make their taxation system more dynamic especially when it comes to effective administration, tax collection and reduce the cascading effect of taxes on taxpayers.Our team is composed of professional accountants who will help and assist you with your tax needs.Payroll Bangladesh also provides specialized services in areas in Bangladesh that are setting up business, transaction advisory and business structuring. If you are making business decision.

Consultancy Service

Compute tax based on the prevalent taxation laws. With our help, you don’t need to worry about the implications of taxation rules since it is our responsibility to ensure compliance with the applicable laws. Payroll Bangladesh will offer you with excellent tax consultancy services that will suit with your needs, demands and expectations. We will serve as your guide and key to make sure that you will obtain the best taxation system that you are looking for. Our team is composed of excellent, dedicate and reliable HR Consultants who has a vast knowledge and expertise in handling tax consultancy services that you will surely love.

Human Resource Outsourcing

When it comes to our prices, you don’t need to worry since Payroll Bangladesh will offer you with affordable tax consultancy services that will perfectly fit with your budget. Payroll Bangladesh will also guarantee our valued clients that you will never be disappointed with our services. In line with this, we will never fail the demands and expectations of our respected clients. You will never go wrong with our services and we will assure you that you will receive the best services that you demand from us. There is no other Human Resource Outsourcing firm that can beat our excellent services.