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Professional employer organization or PEO Services are a form of HR outsourcing service that assists small to mid-sized firms with HR responsibilities such as payroll, employee benefits, company insurance, and compliance. Our PEO services bring a slew of advantages right to your door, including:

Be compliance

Payroll2BD provides companies with PEO services such as hiring, contracts, employee benefits, payroll and termination if required, all while keeping you on the right side of compliance.

PEO in Bangladesh

We assist companies to hire employees in Bangladesh without establishing a legal entity. As your local PEO services, we help you with all human resources, benefits, payroll, and tax requirement for the employees.

End to End

Payroll2BD’s Employer of Record services provides hassle-free directors of your employees handling your international HR and payroll, local tax and compliance, benefits administration, visa and mobility needs, from start to finish. Helping you simplify the navigation on the challenges of setting up payroll in Bangladesh.

Onsite Legal & HR Team

Help your team perform at its best with help from Payroll2BD’s team of certified HR professionals providing you with legal guidance through employee acquisition, contract renewals and termination benefits distribution, and HR compliance including local tax, law, and monetary expertise. 

Our Featured 4 PEO Services Include:

There are four main payroll processing options to choose from, including:


1. Remote

If a company does not own a legal entity in a country, a Payroll2BD can benefit that company hire international workers without needing to spend money over several months to open a new entity. While this option can automate payroll, employees will be under constant and effective management.

2. Outsourcing

You can decide to work with a Bangladeshi PEO Services processing corporation that will run your payroll for you. Your company will still be held accountable for all matters of compliance with this option.

3. Internal

If you operate a larger company that’s committed to Dhaka, Bangladesh, instituting an internal payroll may make sense for your daily operations. This option helps you dedicate your time to the core tasks of your business and not to the less relevant duties.

4. Globalization Partners

Payroll2BD offers the best payroll option here in Bangladesh. We’ll take charge of your payroll and manage all matters of compliance on your behalf.

How Our Agency Best Fitted for PEO Staffing?

  • Full employment model – the individuals are employed by us in Dhaka, Bangladesh.
  • Simplicity – we provide one monthly combined invoice for the services provided inclusive of salaries, taxes, fees, and employee expenses, reducing banking costs and your finance team’s time spent.
  • One point of contact – once the employees are all set you have a single expert accountant looking after all your Payroll, HR, and Legal subjects.
  • Compliance – all funds payable to the employee process through payroll. You get monthly confirmation of taxation paid to the competent authorities in the county.
  • Human Resources – staff members are employed on an essential contract of employment. The agreement is examined by you before issuing.
  • Legal – We assist with the legal navigation of the recruiting and termination of staff members.
  • One-Stop Service Center – services are provided by in-country experts that are professionally suited (Payroll, Legal & HR) in their respective fields.
  • Electronic payslips for all employees.
  • All Statutory filing performed by PEO Worldwide.

Frequently Asked Questions For PEO SERVICES

A little to medium sized business would go to a PEO in these cases:

  1. HR Compliance
  2. Using time effectively
  3. Quality Health Benefit
  4. Scalability

While both are viewed as HR outsourcers, they work in various jobs. Staffing organizations enlist, screen, and spot laborers with organizations.A PEO assumes on the liability for finance, business charges, benefits, HR, joblessness guarantees, and helping with laborers’ pay and security matters

A PEO’s economy of scale empowers every customer organization to bring down work expenses and increment the business’ primary concern. The customer can keep a basic in-house HR framework or none at all by depending on the PEO. The customer additionally can lessen recruiting overhead. The experts at the PEO can give basic help boss consistence, which ensures the customer against obligation.

Once a client company contracts with a PEO, the PEO will then co-employ the client’s worksite employees. In the arrangement among a PEO, a worksite employee and a client company, there exists a co-employment relationship, which involves a contractual allocation and sharing of employer responsibilities between the PEO and the client pursuant to a client service agreement (CSA).

Like their business customers, most PEOs are private elements that don’t have public budget summaries. Regardless, customers are encouraged to actually look at a PEO’s references, notoriety, and monetary foundation. Inquire as to whether the PEO has examined budget reports, acquire credit references, and direct due ingenuity. In states where required, verify that the PEO is appropriately authorized or enlisted.

HR regularly discovers last moment that they have new workers and they need to sort out some way to utilize and pay them rapidly. Getting them onboarded in weeks rather than months or a long time can have quick costs investment funds and unquestionably time reserve funds.

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