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Manage your business and deliver results. Here are the most important things to know about HR outsourcing. As part of the virtual organization movement, outsourcing is a driving force. An outsourcing service simply finds someone outside the company to do the work that was previously completed by internal employees. When someone has specialized in an activity that is not strategic to our business – and can do it cost-effectively – it is better to bring them in from the outside. An organization utilizes the services of a third party to handle its HR functions through Human Resource Outsourcing.

Outsourcing The HR Function

Fully Compliant. Unique Direct EOR Model.

Our Human Resource Outsourcing (HRO) services focus on integrated consulting, technology, and outsourcing solutions that are flexible and adaptable to your business. We combine our HR outsourcing, technology, and consulting practices to deliver robust HR functions for our global clients, from talent sourcing to engagement and retention.

Human Resource Outsourcing

Outsource HR Managing Services.

Do you lack the time and expertise to manage some or all of your international human resource needs?

You may want to consider outsourcing your human resources if you do. Payroll2Bangladesh can help you by handling all of your HR needs so that you can focus on growing your business’ profitability and productivity.



Here 9 HR services that we can help you with:

  • Establishment of local payroll with local partners in each country
  • Email the HR Help Desk
  • A certain number of days on site per month
  • Benefits schemes and administration with local partners
  • The employee handbook
  • Human Resources
  • The process of screening and assessing candidates
  • Employee Contracts
  • Policy & Procedures

How P2B can assist in HR Recruitment and Payroll Outsourcing!

Cost Savings

Employing a full-time qualified HR professional can cost up to $120,000 annually without including the additional costs of benefits, taxes, workspace, HR resources, and training. Outsourcing HR services can produce significant savings.


HR services can be outsourced to consultants who have first-hand experience in facilitating HR services across a variety of industries. HR professionals strive to be the first to know about policy and regulation changes that will impact your workplace.

Consistent Level of Service

Documentation of all HR processes allows other members of our team to step in and provide support when necessary. A company doesn’t have to worry about any one person holding all the keys to specific duties and responsibilities.

Flexibility and Full Customization

The support services and onsite schedules of companies can be customized according to their needs. HR outsourcing allows for maximum flexibility, whether it is managing benefits, providing employee relations, coaching, or conducting interviews.


Access to our state of the art HR tools, such as the Bloomberg BNA Library, Applicant Tracking System, and ERI Compensation Assessor, at no additional charge.

Employee Engagement · Productivity Management · Outplacement Services

Payroll2bangladesh is a high-quality, cost-effective, and attractive solution when your HR professionals are tasked with delivering strategic insights to your business.Payroll2bangladesh HR embeds continuous innovation into its HR service delivery, allowing organizations to focus on their core competencies and free up resources to grow their business.

Employee Self Hub Portal, HRIS and Recruitment Platform.

Our HR process outsourcing services range from HR data entry and payroll to performance management. Our clients rely on us to respond to employee questions in real-time, offering accurate answers through the channel of choice. 
Our innovation focuses on automating HR services so your HR professionals can focus on strategic activities to unleash your people’s potential and to provide business-impacting insights.  
Payroll2Bangladesh HR is committed to service delivery excellence. Our HR business process outsourcing solutions can be customized to your global and local needs. 
Due to the importance of control and consistency, we regularly audit our services. Our services are of high quality.

Risk Management and Temporary Staffing


Strategic people focus

Your HR staff can focus on people strategies while we handle your administrative and transactional services.


Strategic people focusFlexible

Including business process outsourcing and technology as well as single process services wrappers.


Cost savings

The continuous use of technology to improve processes and reduce costs through service innovation as you needs.


Actionable insights

Real-time analytics that provide insights into HR, payroll, and service center data.

Proven Our Outsourcing Services Take a Look

  1. Several of the people, processes, technology, know-how, experience, and innovative best practices we have developed over our extensive HR experience are key factors enabling us to provide the highest level of customer service. payroll2bangladesh offers HR business process outsourcing (HR BPO) solutions that are flexible, scalable, integrated and truly global.
  2. Our HR Outsourcing services follow a three-tiered service delivery model. Our Human Resource Outsourcing services range from OnDemand delivery of functionalities and standard processing services to managed services and comprehensive HRO.
  3. Our HRO offering includes a full range of human resources processes, from administrative and enabling processes – such as HR data entry and payroll – to talent administration processes – such as performance management. Payroll2Angladesh HR calls this service Global Workforce Administration. 
Service delivery excellence
  1. HR Outsourcing (HRO) has evolved into Global Workforce Administration in recent decades, helping companies streamline global processes, reduce costs, and ensure compliance with regulations. All of this is supported by HR cloud technology.
  2. Outsourcing peripheral activities to external specialists is becoming an attractive, cost-effective and high-quality alternative for a growing number of companies. Human resources administration, payroll, and recruitment are well-known examples.
  3. Human resource processes, for instance, can be outsourced, allowing companies to focus on their core competencies while releasing valuable resources to drive growth.
HR and payroll business processing outsourcing

The dedicated services we provide include solution design, implementation, and management support, ensuring you have up-to-date support and a state-of-the-art BPO operation that complements your core business. Outsourcing solutions are provided in the following areas:

  • Human resources systems
  • Human Resources
  • The payroll department
  • The ability to do

All of the above, or a combination of them.

Bpo service

Few words about us

The company is most widely recognized for its HR Consultancy and recruitment services.

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We Manage Hiring, Payroll, Visas, Social Contribution & Compliance.

We have been managing HR and payroll processes for local and multinational companies for nearly 15 years. You need HR and payroll processes that are efficient, and quality and compliance are important.


We continue to innovate our services so you can:

  • Ensure oversight
  • Improve the employer-employee relationship
  • Flexible processes and infrastructure
  • Meet all legal and regulatory requirements in all countries
  • Keep up-to-date on your business’ evolving needs by providing optimum service
  • Regularly reviewed service level agreements assure payroll2bangladesh HR and client teams of the expectations and commitments to success.


You need assistance with HR, however the last thing you need to do is sink additional time into it. A large portion of our imminent customers have this impression when they call us. “I’m extremely tired from managing the entirety of the prerequisites and dealing with the entirety of the necessities to keep up with cheerful and useful workers,” is the thing that we regularly hear.

Basically, we commit as much energy on becoming acquainted with you and your kin as we do on the HR assignments themselves. Everything’s tied in with building trust with you and your kin from the very first moment and coordinating into your association as though we work there. It doesn’t make any difference whether we’re talking face to face, on the telephone or by video gathering or regardless of whether we’re messaging or messaging.

At the point when you enlist my HR Partner, it is our sole task to become more acquainted with you and figure out what administrations bode well for you. At times, we are talking our customers down from all they think they need. We will see what organize you are in your development, your arrangements and objectives for the coming year and a long time ahead, and what issues are generally squeezing.

The last thing you want is to spend more time on HR. When they call us, most of our prospective clients feel this way.

 “I feel exhausted from managing so many needs and requirements in an effort to maintain a successful and happy workforce,” we often hear.

We can tell you from over 15 years of experience that we make HR work so well that you will wonder why you waited so long to contact us. We get to know your organization, your people, your culture, and what makes it stand out. Our next step is to determine what HR areas we should cover. As a result, we integrate both into a unique service for your business. Initially, we strive to blend in as if we were always there, and then we get to know you and your team, and then we focus on enhancing every aspect of your HR that we manage. We handle your HR needs as if they were our own.

The appropriate response is yes! We have customers across the United States. In this environment of far off labor forces and distant help, we administration customers on the two coasts. Area isn’t an issue for us: even customers down the road generally utilize our administrations on a distant premise.

As A PEO We Employ Your Staff So You Don’t Have To Form A Local Entity Or Manage Payroll.