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The offshore HR Onboarding process can have a dramatic impact on job performance and employee satisfaction. According to thepayroll2bangladesh, organizations with a standard onboarding process experience 54% greater new hire productivity and 50% greater new hire retention.

HR Onboarding, Payroll And Recruitment

The onboarding process doesn’t have to suffer when you hire a new remote team member. It can even be more successful . When hiring offshore, you need to be open-minded and understand that it will be different than your onshore team. There are many steps you can take to streamline offshore HR Onboarding.

Assign each offshore team member a primary contact

It can be challenging when you don’t interact face-to-face with colleagues, it’s harder to form a connection.

Build strong feedback loops in your Business and Professionals

Now that you have established your communication tech stack, it’s time to put it into practice.

Ensure your remote team is supported emotionally

Supporting your colleagues is an important part of remote working.

Offshored HR Onboarding Solutions For Dynamic Businesses

Outsourcing with complete dedicated capabilities

We offer a range of bespoke offshore outsourcing services using innovative methods and HR technology, which include recruitment, payroll, and performance. We help you build your own offshore team and get it up and running. Our HR specialists handle all your HR Onboarding needs so that your business can meet its goals.

  1. We identify and recruit the best talent for your core requirements. Our training program helps them increase their productivity as soon as they are onboard.
  2. Our HR department develops creative strategies for compensation and benefits administration to help enhance productivity. You can also rely on us for legal assistance.
  3. Our HR services encompass time and attendance management, payroll, tax administration, statutory compliance, benefit management, and more.

Most Competitive HR Outsourcing

Everything you need to know about  HR outsourcing. Virtual organizations are driven by outsourcing. A company outsources work previously handled by internal employees to outside sources. If you can find someone who is highly specialized in a non-strategic area of our business and can do it cost effectively.

Strongly Integrated Multi-Process HR Onboarding outsourcing (MPHRO)

Multi-Process HR Onboarding

Global Multi-process Human Resources Outsourcing (MPHRO) market grew steadily in 2019 but was negatively impacted by COVID-19 in 2020. As contract renewals and large-scale initiatives suffered from the pandemic, the increasing demand for immediate cost takeout and cash unlock, as well as digitalization, drove new digital initiatives and accelerated MPHRO growth. Market growth in 2019 was driven by large-scale transformation deals, an increase in first-time outsourcers (particularly in the SMB and mid-market segments), and increased demand for next-generation technology. Considering these factors, service providers are strengthening their capabilities as they support enterprise clients in their journeys toward new HR operating models.

Get 6 Proven Benefits Of Offshore HR Onboarding Outsourcing

We offer you the best offshore office in Bangladesh at the lowest cost as well as the top overseas team for your business with payroll2bangladesh. We manage your overseas business so you won’t have to worry about the local rules and regulations while we handle all the compliance issues.

  • Operating Overheads

    1. There is less spending on infrastructure and operating overheads.

  • Professionals and Lower Costs

    2. The best professionals at much lower costs.

  • Manage Offshore Team

    3. You can manage your offshore team without any stress and maximize revenue through high-performance.

Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing
  • Business Development

    4. Focus on your core business functions like business development and marketing.

  • Quality Assurance

    5. Providing quality assurance and on-time delivery of projects.

  • Rules and Regulations

    6. We manage your overseas business so you won’t have to worry about the local rules and regulations.

3 Dynamic HR Approaches

  • Offshore Office

    1. Set up your own offshore office and start working with a dedicated in-house team within 30 days.

  • Office Infrastructure

    2. With high-end IT facilities and the latest technological communication tools, you can assemble the best office infrastructure for your offshore office at a very low cost.

  • Overseas Office

    3. We will manage your legal and administration work while you take full control of your overseas office.

Reliable Contingent Workforce Management & Shared Services

Taking place in this ever changing business world over the last couple of decades has been the dissolution of what one might call the job for life ethic.

There is merit in the idea that permanent employment with one or, at least, a small number of companies over the course of a career is the best option, and that mutual loyalty between employer and employee is an expectation.

Despite its genuinely widespread acceptance, this ethos has mostly given way to a new paradigm in which the relationship between employer and employee has become far more transient, and based on incredibly complex foundations.

HR Processes Like HR Onboarding, Payroll Management, Recruitment

Payroll2Bangladesh provides quality infrastructure without worrying about finances, whether you are in the product or service sector. Depending on your budget and the nature of the project, we can help you set up your offshore delivery center in the most suitable city in Bangladesh. We are the most trusted offshore outsourcing company. We handle everything from the start to support you in expanding your business.

FAQ For Offshore HR Onboarding

What could be the per hour rate of offshore employee?

In Offshore HR onboarding process per hour offshore developer rate is approximately $20 to $45 USD in Asia ( India, China, Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia )

How do you make remote new employs feel welcome?

We are very much concerned about welcoming new hires through HR recruitment service so that they can become more productive in the new workplace.

  • Welcoming a New Employee
  • Narrate words of welcome from your team or unit leadership.
  • Notify them about Payroll Bangladesh’s culture.
  • Timetables of work.
  • Make sure that new employees are aware of how to use your communication tools.
  • Agreements on communication
  • Set perfect objectives and goals.
  • Check-ins on a systematic basis

How do you virtually train a new employee?

virtually train

We set short-term goals and develop a strategy to keep employees on track.  Moreover, we arrange an HR onboarding training schedule that is both consistent and useful. Our instructor’s emphasis is on communication, which outlines how beginners should access sessions. Our instructors make sure you set a strategy ahead of time for education materials, checklists, and presentations.

How do you establish a connection between on-site workers and remote workers?

It’s especially essential in remote work situations, when your staff are isolated from one another, to get together, so we program a fast 20-minute call when they can chat about anything other than work. These are all set up by the HR management group of our company.

Is your Remote Employee Onboarding the same as orientation?

From the first interaction with the company until the worker is fully integrated, HR onboarding is a continuous process of adopting engagement. On the other side, orientation is a step of onboarding during which new workforce learns about the firm and their job duties.

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