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The payroll processing process basically involves managing and assessing employee payments. Sounds critical? It needs to be clarified by further discussion. Managing the total payment process by a company to its employees is known as payroll processing in Bangladesh. Basically, the payroll process is about calculating what is owed to the employees. It is also called net payment after first adjusting for all taxes and deductions.

Certified Payroll Process Options At Your Service

There are 4 main payroll options in Bangladesh:

1. Remote

Your Bangladesh-based employees will be added to the payroll of your parent company if you opt for remote payroll. It is important to note, however, that different groups of employees follow different tax laws, regulations.

2. Internal

Larger companies committed to Bangladesh may find an internal payroll option valuable. This option will require additional HR staff, a larger budget, and additional resources to learn the Bangladesh tax code and employment law.

3. Bangladesh payroll processing company

It is also possible for you to work with a Bangladesh payroll service provider who handles your payroll. In the event a mistake is made by your company, you will still be responsible.

4. Bangladesh payroll outsourcing

Payroll2bangladesh offers Bangladesh payroll outsourcing to help you get the most benefits. We can handle your payroll and take care of compliance, so you don’t have to worry.
Affordable & Reliable Payroll Managed Services

Affordable & Reliable Payroll Managed Services

Payroll2Bangladesh offers the most effective corporate payroll service providers in Bangladesh. It is an indispensable service in the HR field, which requires strict quality adherence, flexibility and planning. We offer error-free payroll processing on a custom Employee Self Service (ESS) & facilitate employee interaction and client Self Service (CSS) through secure online tools. We handle reimbursement processing, full and final settlement processing, salary slip preparation, PT, PF, Contract Labor, ESIC, and LWF.

Our clients benefit from consistent payroll processing, customized customer engagements to answer queries, and complete data security.

9 Exclusive Payroll Process Services We Offer

Our Payroll Processing Services will suit the needs of your organization
  • Compliance with payroll regulations
  • Services for payroll administration
  • Returns on payroll taxes
  • Reports on payroll
  • Check delivery and processing
  • Tax reports, quarterly and annual
  • Timekeeping system
  • Deductions for employee insurance
  • Payroll direct deposit with “paperless” options

Grow Your Business by Outsourcing Payroll Process Services

There is a lot of routine work involved. Your focus can be on growing your business if you outsource this process. Save money, focus on core tasks, and enable growth without limiting manpower and infrastructure.

As the end of financial year nears, payroll processing workloads can increase when taxes are due. Payroll2Bangladesh offers greater flexibility with staffing when you outsource this task. Time zone advantage also plays a big role during peak season. Working for 24 hours while you are asleep, your Bangladeshi team keeps the process going while your US team is asleep.

Onboard New Employees Easily - P2B Improves Onboarding Experience.

Payroll2Bangladesh will simplify your Bangladesh payroll setup without any hassles.
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Payroll2Bangladesh specializes in payroll processing. We have been providing high quality services to companies around the world for more than 15 years.

  • Payroll2Bangladesh can handle your payroll services as well as handle HR functions and time management. Our payroll processing integrates HR processes, allowing you to maximize time savings and minimize expenses. Payroll2bangladesh offers high-quality payroll accounting services at low costs.
  • We create customized payroll accounting solutions to meet the needs of every company.
  • Payroll2Bangladesh provides payroll processing, tax administration, and reporting services.
  • You can easily customize fields and functionalities with our accounting and finance software.
  • We are highly experienced in payroll and tax filing, so you can trust us to provide accurate and timely information.
  • Our data privacy and security regulations are very strict, and we guarantee your information is safe with us.

 We offer expert payroll services at Payroll2Bangladesh. We may be able to customize a payroll accounting service if you can’t find it. Just ask.

The value of time for a company is unsurpassed. Keeping your company’s business operations running smoothly requires that your HR and payroll functions operate as planned. We can assist you with research and strategies. The need for an expert HR partner is ineffable for seamless business execution. Payroll2Bangladesh has been the expert HR partner of organizations for many years. We provide companies from different industries with adept techno-savvy solutions that streamline HR operations.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Payroll pricing work?

Our standard payroll cost will be measured by headcount, complexity, exceptional supplies, and service scope compulsory. We arrange three tiers of service: Compliance, Assurance and Complete HR.

What is your Security and confidentiality policy?

The security of payroll customers’ information is critical to our business.  Therefore, we have a high standard of security measures and procedures which have been critically reviewed and accepted by a number of our’ existing customers.  Our security measures include:

  • All payroll data being protected in our dedicated server and payroll data can only be accessed remotely via VPN from our workplace
  • Access to payroll information restricted to our HR Outsourcing workforce
  • Dedicated database for each customer and use of ethical walls
  • Onsite CCTV with security system
  • Suitable policies and plans including our Information Security Policy, Business Steadiness Plan and Disaster Steadiness Plans.

What is our timeframe for setting up new payroll?

The timeframe for establishing a customer’s payroll ranges from 1 to 4 weeks, depending on the difficulty and headcount. WE will work together with the customer under our implementation phase to outline the essential information obligatory through various templates.

What is Fund arrangements for processing payroll?

The two most common approaches are for customers to either pay their staffs directly, or pay their staffs indirectly via Payroll 2 Bangladesh. If a customer wishes to pay their personnel directly, we will calculate the customer’s payroll and generate a bank file for the customer to upload and execute payment. If a customer wishes to pay their staffs indirectly, the customer can arrange payment of the salaries to us and we will execute payment to the customer’s staffs. There are also various substitutes in between these options which we are happy to work through during implementation.


Why Choose Us!

Payroll processing is an essential part of any business. Keeping up with changes and accommodating rapid expansion is possible with Payroll processing software. Bangladesh is also getting into the growing business field, like many other countries. As businesses are required to perform more complex, labor-intensive tasks, automated payroll services can be a cost-effective solution.

Our Specialized Payroll Process Team will satisfy you with every question answer related to

household tax, payroll, insurance, or employee benefits.