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In a world of exploding potential, an increasing number of businesses are seeing the value of sourcing individuals from untested marketplaces. Our recruiters are experts at locating the best personnel from around the world and assisting them in relocating to the location that our client specifies. You may effortlessly search the globe for your next hire with Brooks Consulting.
Payroll2BD is a major Staffing and Recruitment agency that specializes in delivering temporary staffing and payroll outsourcing services to a wide range of industries, including IT, ITES, BFSI, retail, telecom, and engineering manufacture. We are here to make your business life a little easier.

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As an HR consulting company also specializing in payroll outsourcing services, Payroll Bangladesh is capable of helping you fill any payroll position based on any systems, including:


A temporary payroll staff means they are paid on an hourly basis. Such positions are now becoming widespread among payroll experts. This is due to the versatility, quality and most importantly the depth of expertise it provides. This guarantees that your company will have an adequate manpower supply.


Permanent payroll employee can serve as the heart of the business. Hence, it is necessary to find the right candidate to fill the position to prevent unnecessary stress in the process and in the future. We can do the searching for you and present the screened candidates.

Executive Payroll

This payroll recruitment process is a very specialized area, which made it imperative to get a dedicated HR consulting service necessary for its level. We know just the kind of high-level approach needed in the recruitment process to meet your needs and specific requirements.

Accounting, Bookkeeping, And Taxation

Accounting, Bookkeeping, And Taxation

Payroll2Bangladesh is a human resource consulting firm that works with companies like yours and as your payroll provider. But as a payroll recruitment agency, our team helps you in recruiting your wanted payroll professionals. Our company allies with a range of other businesses in the industry to help them fill in payroll jobs when necessary. We also specialize in this service of taxation, filing taxes can be a major headache but with our HR tax services, your company can stay compliant with the tax laws.

Payroll2bangladesh’s primary priority is working with you and taking away one less duty helping you focus on your core function. Our payroll outsourcing service is uniquely specialized and this is what made us more effective in presenting you with a talent association you wish to work with.

Frequently Asked Questions Recruitment Agent

What Does Payroll2bangladesh Do?

Payroll2Bangladesh is the leading global recruitment agency in Bangladesh. We recruit qualified, professional and skilled people worldwide.

How Does A Recruitment Process Work?

The recruitment process consists of seven steps: requisition, sourcing, screening, interviewing, selection, hiring, and on boarding.

What Is The Real Role Of Recruitment Consultants?

As a result of the nature of recruiting work, agencies and consultants do business with both clients and candidates. Since they cannot be successful without one or the other, they are genuinely working for both.
There is an important distinction, however, that is often overlooked. Employers are responsible for paying the fee. Recruitment agencies offer free services to candidates, while employers pay for the privilege of finding a top-quality candidate, so agencies should strive to find the perfect candidate for their clients.

How Do I Protect My Data As A Candidate?

The Payroll2bangladesh allows your data to not be stored on file without your permission, even if any recruitment agency is different. We respect the data of our candidates at Payroll2Bangladesh. Our policy for privacy is explained in an email sent to the candidates when they are entered into the system.
All data is shared by the candidate, and they are given permission for it to be shared with the client, and they are kept in the loop at all times.

How Does End-To-End Recruiting Work?

Recruitment end-to-end is an overall recruitment strategy that encompasses every facet of the recruitment process.

What Is The Best Way To Approach A Recruitment Agent?

A recruitment agency can be contacted via email or LinkedIn, and you can also reach out to them through their website contact pages.
Although recruitment agencies get a lot of applications, they do try to contact everyone who applies, but most often they only respond to those whom they can help immediately.

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