Expatriate HR Management Services: We Bring The Best Out Of Your Business

We guarantee effective, efficient, and reachable results of expatriate HR management with our team of devoted HR professionals, which will revolutionize the way you do business, both internally and internationally.

1. We follow new innovations and HR best practices that have been fine-tuned throughout time. For each new situation, custom solutions are devised and implemented successfully.

2. No matter the size of the organization or the industry, our objective is to be known across Bangladesh for offering effective business HR support.

3. Our Payroll Services will diligently and efficiently manage your monthly and annual payroll, saving you time and making your financial responsibilities easier.

Expatriate HR management is the act of establishing a work environment or setting that allows employees to perform to their full potential. When a task is specified as needed, performance management is the start of a full work system. It comes to an end when an employee leaves your company. HR Bangladesh is one of Bangladesh’s major human resource management service providers. In all areas of management, Bangladesh’s human resource management system is competitive and trustworthy.

We Offer A Complete Expatriate HR Management Solutions

Payroll2Bangladesh provides payroll and management services to expatriates around the world. Through our services in Bangladesh, we provide end-to-end business processes and services in more than 146 countries. Our company has been providing consolidated fully-auditable solutions in the areas of Global Payroll, Expense Management, and Global Mobility since 2005. Our services are tailored to our client’s needs by combining our industry-leading expertise with our extensive knowledge of their practices, policies.

Bangladeshi VISA

Work Permit Processing

Branches and liaison offices

Individual Consultations

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Export Processing

Our partners who work abroad can benefit from Payroll2Bangladesh’s flexible, reliable, and cost-effective HR services.

What Makes Us Different To Provide Expatriate HR Management Services?

Payroll2Bangladesh is a member of payroll International, the world’s largest worldwide network of independent accounting firms. Firms that provide high-quality business advisory and consulting services along with expatriate HR management services.

1. Payroll2bangladesh is a world leader in audit, tax and consulting services

2. payroll2bangladesh is the world’s largest audit, tax and consulting network offering global A network of member firms provides coverage to its clients.

3. The payroll2bangladesh network consists of independent member firms and correspondent firms in more than 100 countries and brings together more than 48,000 professionals in more than 820 offices worldwide.

4. Payroll2Bangladesh announced a revenue increase of 9.2%* for 2020, bringing global revenues to $6.3 billion.

Our Services Reduce Cost & Save Time

Payroll2Bangladesh can help you increase your operational excellence by outsourcing expatriate HR management. Enhance your organization’s efficiency and confidentiality. Human resource management services assist your company saves time and money while providing better service to its employees. If you need any Human Resource services contact us any time. We offer low-cost, high-quality human resource services so you may concentrate on your core business. Because we rid them of administrative duties, your HR experts have more strategic opportunities. Our expatriate HR management services assist in bridging the gap between HR and employees. Every step of the journey, we’ll be by your side. We are working with HR and Payroll within 14th years.

Our EHRM Services Helps To Streamline Your Process

Successful international business requires effective expatriate management. When expatriate management is used, expats’ success rates increase. Expatriate management enhances expatriate performance and reduces expatriate failure. The skills of international corporations’ human resources can be leveraged to maximize their bottom lines through expatriate management. Deep mental models of both the host culture and organizational processes reside within expatriates with a background in the host culture. Expatriates who have access to such models will require less intensive and less expensive training. A culturally savvy expatriate manager is an exceptional performer abroad with special skills in partner selection, communication, relationship building, etc.

Our 9 More Effective Services Help Us In Successful HR Management

We are the leading manpower recruitment firm in Bangladesh.

Payroll2Bangladesh fulfills your business needs to help you navigate the expatriate human resource management maze in Bangladesh.

1. Payroll Outsourcing

Managing your payroll through payroll outsourcing is a confidential and personal process. We are the best for payroll outsourcing.

2. Payroll Consultants

Payroll2Bangladesh consultants are experienced in working with a variety of HR services in Bangladesh and help you implement your HR systems.

3. Job Placement

Our job placement service in Bangladesh and around the world is among the most reliable and responsive in the industry.

4. Recruiting Candidates

Recruiting candidates & matching them with temporary or permanent positions with clients.

5. Professional Work

We can help you with your conclusion for lab report, only professional work for our friends!

6. Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll outsourcing in Bangladesh is tailored to meet your specific needs and scales with your business.

7. Senior Executives

Payroll2Bangladesh recruits senior level executives and board members across a range of sectors in Bangladesh and abroad.

8. Guidance & Support

There is a special telephone line that provides guidance and support on issue related to manpower recruitment and payroll outsourcing in Bangladesh.

9. Logistics Support

Payroll2Bangladesh offers all kinds of logistics support services in Bangladesh with a successful and effective process.

Concentrate On Your Business Leave HR To Us

You need to dedicate more time and resources to expatriate HR management if your company is large. Your HR teams can be freed from routine administrative tasks with HR Bangladesh’s best practice Human Resource Outsourcing services, which come with guaranteed security and legal compliance in Bangladesh. Our Expatriate HR Management helps to reduce cost. HR departments are often overwhelmed by the details that make a business legally compliant; fortunately, Payroll2Bangladesh HR outsourcing services in Bangladesh can alleviate some of that burden. The need for internal HR personnel is well known, as it is only internal personnel who can manage organizational development and business growth strategies. However, it’s equally important that an HR department is approachable and ‘real’, so as to foster strong employer-employee relationships. Our expatriate human resource management services are designed to assist customers in lowering costs and increasing employee happiness.

Therefore, payroll2bangladesh HR outsourcing solutions are specially designed to complement and support your existing human resources staff. Our firm is one of the leading human resource outsourcing firms in Bangladesh and can provide the human resource services necessary for your organization. Payroll2bangladesh HR offers you seamless access to all the expertise you need to be a successful employer. HR management, employment law compliance, payroll, recruitment, training, development, change management, and health and safety in Bangladesh. As an employer, we make your life more productive and less stressful. Regardless of the size of your business, Payroll2Bangladesh HR outsourcing can provide cost-effective HR support. You can be sure we are providing the best HR solution for your employees while, at the same time, protecting your organization with a team of highly professional HR consultants. So get in touch today to get the best expatriate HR management services.

FAQs For Expatriate HR Management Service

What does your HR services include?

Our Human Resources department is in charge of maximizing employee productivity and safeguarding the organization from any challenges that may occur within the workforce. Compensation and benefits, recruitment, dismissal, and staying up to date on any regulations that may effect the organization and its employees are all part of our HR’s responsibilities.

Can you know me What are your key HR functions?

Our HR department serves a variety of vital roles inside the company. Recruitment, performance management, learning and development, and many others are among them.

How do your HR management activities support?

Job analysis and staffing, organization and utilization of work force, measurement and appraisal of work force performance, implementation of reward systems for employees, professional development of workers, and maintenance of work force are some of the primary responsibilities associated with our human resource management.

How many benefits we get of outsourcing HR services?

Payroll2Bangladesh’s top 5 advantages of outsourcing HR services

  1. Services that are affordable. Well-trained employees and increased office space are required for a well-functioning HR department.
  2. Risk management is simple and straightforward.
  3. Efficiency is improved.
  4. Employee Performance Management and Organizational Development are two topics that come up frequently in the workplace.
  5. Flexibility.

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