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We are a leading provider of work visa processing services in Bangladesh. We are committed to offering high-quality services to our clients and maintaining our status as Bangladesh’s top work visa processing service provider. The population density of Bangladesh is among the highest in the world. Recently, Bangladesh’s health and education have improved significantly, attracting some companies to think about expanding there.

It’s important to have a skilled team of employees if you’re planning to expand or outsource operations to Bangladesh – whether you need to relocate current team members or hire new ones from abroad. As in any country, Bangladesh has a specific process for granting work visas to individuals from foreign nations, allowing them to legally live and work in Bangladesh. If you’re not sure how to get a work visa processing in Bangladesh, Globalization Partners can help you. We are a global PEO that can locate talented employees on your behalf and obtain the necessary working visas for each member of your team that will be moving to Bangladesh.

Eligible Person Can Get Core Benefits From Our Work Visa Processing Services

The Eligible Person Of This Category Of Visa Are:

Expert/adviser/employee/individual who works for a government agency, a semi-government agency also, an autonomous body, or similar organization in Bangladesh.

A person who works in the government-related fields, government-linked activities, industry-linked activities, or other similar organizations in Bangladesh.
Local/foreign government/semi government contractors and employees in equivalent organizations in Bangladesh.
Person who intends to work as an honorary volunteer (without pay) with registered NGOs in Bangladesh.

Give Us Following Documents & Get The Legal Work Visa Processing Without Ease

Bangladeshi workers must provide the following documentation in order to obtain a work visa:

  • An application for a visa completed in its entirety.
  • Bangladeshi employer’s letter of appointment.
  • Original passport valid for a minimum of six months.
  • Also Photocopy of a recent passport.
  • A proof of payment of the visa fee to the appropriate embassy.
  • Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA) and Bangladesh Board of Investment (BOI) recommendation letter.
  • Those employees who wish to return their passports via post will also need to provide a self-addressed, prepaid envelope.

We Provide 9 Types of Work Visas in Bangladesh Sincerely

The following types of visas are available to visitors to Bangladesh:

1. Government Delegates visa

2. Business visa

3. Investor visa

4. Tourist visa

5. Student visa

6. Missionary visa

7. Research visa

8. Employment or work visa

9. Journalist visa

We Have Passionate & Professional Team For Maintaining Work Visa Processing

Different types of visas have different requirements. Your employees will need employment visas if your company plans to expand into Bangladesh. The type of work visa processing issued depends on whether the applicant will enter and exit the country as many times as necessary during the duration of the visa. Multiple entry visas can be issued for those who plan to enter and exit the country on a regular basis. It depends on which category the employee chooses how much the visa costs. Payroll2Bangladesh will take care of your work visa processing needs when you work with us. During your expansion into Bangladesh, we’ll handle payroll, compensation, and  also everything else your company needs to be compliant with. Learn how our solution can help your company employ onboarding team members around the world by contacting us today.

Other Important Considerations for Obtaining a Work Permit in Bangladesh

Some of your employees may wish to bring family members with them to Bangladesh, especially if you are relocating existing team members. Spouses and dependents must submit the same documents as those necessary for employment visas (except for the BEPZA/BOI recommendation letter). They must also provide proof of their relationship, such as a marriage license or birth certificate, supporting the employee’s employment status.

We Ensure Work Permit Visa As Short As Possible

The duration of a work permit/employment visa is limited to three (03) months, with single, double or multiple entries. This category allows stays of no more than 90 days in any given visa.

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How Can Our Service Helps You To Obtain A Work Visa Processing At A Best Rate?

The Application Process and what we do for you!

Application Process: We payroll2bangladesh will help you to obtain a work permit visa. Bangladesh’s Department of Immigration & Passports website has the application form online. The applicant must print out a copy of the completed online visa application form after completing and also submitting it. Following that, applicants must visit the Bangladeshi embassy or consulate in their country with the completed visa application form and all of the required documents. Each country will charge a fee for visa applications. We ensure that they receive their visa in time to make travel arrangements and to begin employment, considering the usual processing time for a Bangladesh visa is about two weeks.

We Are The Best To Provide Work Visa Processing Services: We are a prominent work visa processing agent in Bangladesh, offering fast and affordable visa processing. And we have a dedicated and competent staff of 25 representatives with vast experience in the agency business. Our clients have access to customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Extension of Visa: You can get an extension of up to three (03) years from the Department of Immigration and also Passport (DIP) in Bangladesh.

FAQ For Work Visas Processing

How many days will take for work visa Processing?

Depending on the nationality and excluding specific instances. The Bangladeshi Mission/Post requires a minimum of three working days to process the case and issue a visa after receiving the Visa Application through the Indian Visa Application Center or directly.

Can we work after applying work permit?

You can work full-time while waiting for a decision on your post-graduation work permit application. If you held a valid study permit, where eligible to work off-campus without a permit at the time you submitted your application.

How do I know if my work permit is approved?

Calling us to check on the progress of your application. To keep track of your case, provide us your 8-digit case ID number.

Why I choose Payroll2bangladesh for work visa processing?

Work Visa Processing service

We are a prominent work visa agent in Bangladesh, offering fast and affordable visa processing. We have a dedicated and competent staff of 25 representatives with vast experience in the agency business. Our clients have access to customer service 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Help Your Company Grow by Joining the Payroll2bangladesh Team

Partner with Globalization Partners to make your company’s transition to Bangladesh as fast and easy as possible.

The comprehensive solution we provide, including our proprietary software, enables us to hire employees for your company, acquire all the necessary visas and permits, and handle every step along the way to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations during your international expansion.

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