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If you wish to try out the services a recruitment consultancy agent can offer should never hesitate to contact Payroll2Bangladesh.

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HR Consulting

Human resource (HR) consulting, often known as human capital Advice or HRM consulting, encompasses advisory and implementation services.

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Local HR Consulting

With our comprehensive done-for-you HR consulting services, you can better manage your staff. Our benefits management oversight keeps them safe.

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Placement Agency

With its skilled recruitment and staffing solutions, Payroll2Bangladesh is here to assist you.

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Workforce Management

Without losing efficiency, clarity, or productivity, you can manage your team remotely.

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Marketing Planning

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Marketing Planing

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High-Quality HR And Manpower Recruitment Service In Bangladesh

We are a well-known HR and manpower recruitment firm capable of handling any position from entry-level to top management. Our costs are also quite reasonable, and we have the quickest turnaround time when it comes to sharing profiles with you. We provide personalized service by assigning a single HR and manpower Recruiter to your staffing needs who will be your single point of contact.

Best HR and manpower recruitment services

Are you searching the best HR and manpower recruitment services in Bangladesh? We are the top leading services provider who offer one stop solution to your any business related problems. 

Different products and services.

The trade and market are composed of different businesses dealing with different products and services. So, since there are varied kinds of organizations in the business industry, it’s important to understand that there are also different HR and Manpower Recruitment. Matching the manpower needs of your organization and looking for the best and most competent professional who will fit the manpower requirement of your organization is an arduous process.  

Trusted HR and Manpower Recruitment

Payroll2BD is a trusted HR and Manpower Recruitment organization when it comes to innovative workforce solutions. We provide end-to-end Human Resource Management to organizations and help them address their critical talent needs by providing comprehensive Workforce Management from Recruitment Process Outsourcing to Staffing Solutions and Leadership Training and Development. Our aim is to help our clients and candidates succeed in the changing world of work.  

Manpower Recruitment Service In Bangladesh

Dedicated Manpower Recruitment agent at your service

Take 6 unique features of our Premium Recruitment Service

1. One-Stop Payroll Solution

Settling the manpower requirement of your organization and looking for the best and most competent professional who will fit the needs requirement of your organization is an arduous process. This process will surely build onto the burden that you carry on your shoulder after the long and tiring work in your office. So, Payroll2bangladesh is here for you to select the best professional who will suit your requirements. We at Payroll2Bangladesh understand that different organizations and companies have diverse manpower requirements. Whether you are a small, large or medium-sized business that is hiring your first company.

2. Increases productivity

We realize how challenging it is to manage a business like yours no matter how small or large it is. So, we strive harder to provide you with a wide range of cost-effective payroll solutions that will assist in increasing the productivity and efficiency of your company.
As your partner in further developing your human resources and management, we do not only settle with the traditional and mediocre ways of empowering and selecting your staff.

But we make use of the most proven techniques to ensure the productiveness and performance of all the employees we offer, helping your company prosper.

3. Understands your interest

The payroll management services of were designed to make all things much easier for businessmen and payroll providers when it comes to the process of salary management. Such important services can help business executives to organize the payroll records in their companies and organizations more efficiently. Targeting the core aspects of business means minimizing your time spent on the non-core activities in your business such as payroll outsourcing, recruitment of human resources, tax filling etc., so you require an expert team that can provide all these things for you.

4. Payroll Management

Payroll2Bangladesh’s payroll management services were designed to make all things much simpler for businessmen and payroll providers when it comes to the method of wage calculation. Such services can help businessmen to organize the payroll records in their companies more efficiently as time goes by. Centring on the core phases of business means that you can no longer commit most of your time to the non-core actions in your business such as payroll outsourcing, recruitment of human resources.

5. Payroll Solution

Become one of those successful individuals we have worked with and helped before. Discover fresh and innovative experiences with us and you will surely appreciate what you will see. Payroll2Bangladesh is a human resource consulting company that collaborated with clients like you and your payroll provider. But as a payroll recruitment agency, our team helps you in recruiting your required payroll professionals. Our company partners with a range of businesses in the industry to help them fill in payroll positions when demanded. 

6. Employment

The outsourcing consulting for operating the complete functionalities of such complex problems can be solved easily by the involvement of RPO management in your company. Taking the advantage of talented labour markets and sales opportunities in Bangladesh is now simpler than ever. As a part of global PEO, we can use our Employer of Record service to hire employees who work on your behalf and run your locally compliant payroll. We possess strong professionalism in (PEO) recruitment consultation.

FAQ For HR And Manpower Recruitment

The Payroll 2 Bangladesh sets us apart from other recruitment overseas agencies with a supreme process for recruiting and screening our workforce per country. Moreover, this intense and thorough process guarantees that only the foremost qualified and professional HR recruiters join our team to satisfy both full-time and temporary placements.

When it comes to retaining good employees, we don’t focus on overboard with the incentives. However we make sure employee’s salaries and benefits are competitive. Our agency believe that having a strong, positive company culture is key to retaining talented staff. We make sure to have a robust approach (in terms of policy and process) towards important issues such as mental health, diversity, wellbeing and bullying.

Recruitment is often essential for the growth and continued success of a business, but there are ways to optimize the process and to make it less costly. For example, there are a number of alternative recruitment strategies can used to find new staffs. Our company also offers Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to eliminate the admin associated with recruitment.

Temp to perm consulting services generally target the unemployed who are willing to work for a very little salary. When you do find a candidate worth keeping – there is usually an important markup that needs to be paid and a prearranged contract length before you can recruit them direct. We employ direct for you and market your business. Therefore, you only pay for our “time” spent hiring quality applicants. We write your ads, pre-screen candidates and then present the top ones for you to pick from.

There is no trial period or contract fee for our services, everything is based on time and materials to find that applicant. Our entrusted interest in being the HR partner to your organization benefits us make the right technical and cultural choice for your recruiting decision

The basic Workforce Management functionality includes:

  • Accurate measurement of workers’ working time and absence. Moreover system to make this information available to payroll and other HR systems
  • Measurement of whether companies comply with legislation regarding working hour and holiday/leave
  • Support of the planning chore to be able to create efficient and fair work schedules
  • Track the productivity of the staffs/company
  • Self-service to monitor one’s working hours and account balances and to switch or sell shifts