Payroll Outsourcing Services Company in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Our professionals help employers successfully manage the day-to-day administrative burden of Outsource payroll processing. There are several to outsource payroll services:

Payroll Processing

As a full-service payroll solution, we minimize your cost of processing, while ensuring accuracy, scalability, and consistency in the execution of your payroll.

Statutory Compliance

Our legal experts ensure our clients stay on top of all statutory and legal requirements and remain 100% compliant.

Employee Self-Service

We provide our employees with a real-time, award-winning HR portal, 247 HRM, through which they can view and update their information.

Human Resources and Payroll Tax Consultancy.

We understand that full responsibility, legislation compliance, top-notch security, and the desired employee experience are all vital concerns when we provide full-range outsource payroll solutions. Please see the following list of services as a general overview, but don’t forget that you can customize any service to meet your specific needs.

  • 1. Data collection and payroll calculation

    Collection of all input data and possible information so as to calculate outsource payroll, the gross-to-net calculation of employee deductions, taxes and net salaries accordingly to statutory requirements; calculation of off-cycle payments.

  • 2. Administration of benefits and bonuses

     Participation in health insurance plans, pension plans, vacation time and sick leave policies.

  • 3. Payslips distribution and payment administration

    Prepare paper and PDF pay slips, and distribute electronically via email or save them on the online portal for employees, prepare electronic of payment orders and distribution of payments to employees and local authorities.

  • 4. Outsource Payroll and HR online portal

    You can allow your employees to log on the portal to access their payslips, ticketing system, fill out data for their yearly tax clearance, request time off, manage business trips, and settle their travel expenses. The HR team can use the portal for more than just document management, as it offers various HR administration modules as well as document management.

  • 5. T&A portal

    They can stay up to date with their worked time, overtime, vacation use, and leave requests, which their managers can quickly approve. Through the interactive calendar, employees can plan their shifts individually or as a team.

  • 6. Hotline support

    Outsource payroll inquiries handled through a highly sophisticated, transparent and trackable online ticketing system.

  • 7. Statutory reporting

    Regular payroll reporting and filing with local government entities, such as the Labour Department, social insurance companies, statistics offices and others, as well as regular communication with them.

  • 8. Management reporting

    Regular standard reports within the agreed scope, as well as any other specific reports your local or global management needs.





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End-to-End Outsourced Payroll Services

Human Resources

  • Manage your own affairs
  • Tax planning and declarations
  • Manage expenses and loans
  • Company Policy & Employee Profiles

Payroll Management

  • Creation of salaries
  • Processing outsource payroll
  • Sign and email Form 16 digitally
  • Reports on MIS

Statutory Compliance

  • Establishments & Shops
  • License to trade
  • Funds from the Trustee 
  • Insurance for employees 
Our People & Quality Standards Service

Work With Payroll2bangladesh

Due to the liability they have as Principal Employers, Paoll2Bangladesh ensures 100% compliance with its employee related regulations so that there is no residual pass-through impact to its clients. We have years of experience in a wide range of industries.

We assume all of your responsibilities in these specific areas and define specific turnaround times that allow us to measure our performance. Our performance and service levels are unmatched in the industry. Our service to you is a blend of technology and personalized care. There is an established escalation process built into the system that ensures all issues are resolved and all queries are answered. Our experts can create a happy workplace if you talk to them.

Payroll, HR and Tax Services.

Payroll is handled by our expert outsource payroll team, which has years of experience handling all payroll needs for our clients. It is a pleasure to work with us, and the friendly workplace culture contributes to employee retention. To answer any questions posed by our clients, we have subject matter experts available.

Your employees will be happy with the payroll management system we provide. Our policies ensure compliance with standards, tax regulations, and government regulations. Employees of our clients are satisfied a lot, and we provide them with adequate information regarding payroll, perquisites, taxes, provident funds, or any of the many other parts of outsource payroll processing.

Our Global Outsource Payroll Capabilities

We offer solutions for any size company – whether it has one employee or thousands. Global ISO and ISAE standards are used to audit our processes for business continuity, security, quality, and environmental management.

Our Payroll Processing System

Payroll Processes are clearly defined in the payroll services we provide. Delivering on our promises can be easily understood and verified. Our payroll outsourcing process is fully automated, so human error is eliminated. Our payroll processing adheres to all corporate governance and tax regulations.

The process is thoroughly checked for errors at multiple levels to prevent them. There is a robust quality assurance mechanism in place that includes pre-payroll validations and post-payroll quality assurances. Our process provides top-notch service and is 100% accurate. We are the best Payroll Outsourcing Services in Bangladesh with a client retention rate of 98.9%.

Payroll Process Technology

We take pride in providing Payroll Outsourcing Services in India of the highest standards, which is achieved thanks to our high degree of automation. Through our employee self-service portal, we maintain security, accuracy, and confidentiality while approving and disbursing payroll.

Data Security

Employee data is of utmost importance to us, and we understand and appreciate its importance. We take the following measures to ensure data security:

  1. The payroll system is only accessible through terminals that cannot store or copy data.
  2. The payroll processing system cannot be accessed through unauthorized means such as portable devices, printers, email, or any other method.
  3. A breach of data security through an unofficial mechanism triggers immediate notification.

Our Payroll Management System

We handle all payroll processing for you and ensure you have the best experience. We deliver the following services in our payroll process.

We Help in Legal Process of Open Liaison Office

The Representative Office & Liaison Office in Bangladesh operates as one business entity in Bangladesh. Its operation & scope of work is different from that of a branch office. A liaison office can carry out very limited activities as long as it maintains communication with the local agency, distributors, and exporters via direct contact, electronic communication, and correspondence. As specified in their letter of approval, the liaison office sometimes collects business information, complies with analytical business data, and conducts studies related to their area of responsibility. Liaison offices are not allowed to earn from local business activities.

All costs related to the establishment, operation, and employee management are borne by the Parent company. Get in touch with our Company lawyer for more information if you need assistance in registering your liaison office.  If you need professional help with a branch office or liaison office or with foreign investment, please contact us.

Why Payroll Outsourcing Will Be Right Choice for you?

  • Experience & Expertise

    Your company hires outsource payroll experts. Our experts are more knowledgeable about payroll than most.

  • Employee Self-Service

    EmployeePayroll2Bangladesh is available in the cloud, always up to date with the latest features and requires no maintenance.

  • Employee Help Desk

    Please contact our Salary & Tax experts if you have any questions or concerns

  • Cost

    There is a government fee of approximately USD 300 for BIDA registration. The local government will charge an additional 100 USD to obtain a trade license.

How Outsource Payroll will be Benefited For You!

Payroll2bangladesh is one of the best payroll vendors which offers complete payroll outsourcing services in Bangladesh. Payroll2bangladesh offers many benefits which proves as to why outsource payroll services should be outsourced to us. Our More work:

  • Comprehensive End-to-End Services

    From monthly pays slips to full and final settlement, Payroll2bangladesh can deliver all services related to the outsource payroll administration.

  • Outsourcing is Being Smart

    The control you gain by outsourcing your payroll to a third-party provider like payroll2bangladesh allows you to focus on important business activities.

  • Proven Experience at your Service

    Payroll2bangladesh currently generates over 50,000 payslips every month. This means you have a outsource payroll vendor who can work effectively with you and for you.

  • Multi-Industry Sector Service

    Payroll outsourcing in Bangladesh is provided to businesses across all industries. 

  • Flexible System

    Payroll outsourcing gives you many flexible options such as computing variable pay, complex pay structures, and multiple salary revisions.

  • Motivated Workforce

    Payroll2bangladesh’s advantages go beyond experience and processes people management. We have an environment that encourages and motivate our people work hard.


Do you have a question, need information, or first of all, are you just looking to say hello! The team at our service center is here to assist you in any way they can.


Frequently Asked Questions

With finance re-appropriating, it regularly descends to what’s generally productive and financially savvy for your business. It pays to get your work done and evaluate your business needs prior to settling on a choice. In the event that you get the right supplier, you’ll invest less energy pondering finance and additional time doing what you excel at – running and developing your business.

Running payroll services can be sophistication and control. Furthermore there are a great deal of lawful prerequisites, which implies there are not kidding dangers to misunderstanding things. Hence, many entrepreneurs like to pass on it to the specialists. It gives them additional time, and additional significant serenity.

Depends on the degree of refinement and control you’re searching for, you can call, fax or email to us the sums to pay your staff, or information that data into a safe web web page. We’ll take it from that point, registering exact net compensation, printing and conveying checks and reports, masterminding charge monies to be charged from your record and paid to the Feds and States, and documenting proper expense forms. At year-end.

With our adaptable custom fitted reevaluate finance administrations, you pay for the degree of administration you need to suit the requirements of your business. Our charge depends on the quantity of representatives, recurrence of pay (week by week, fortnightly, month to month and so on) and your individual prerequisites.

Each outsourcing Payroll arrangement is customized to suit your business needs with the end goal of amplifying cost efficiencies and making genuine expense reserve funds. We work with you to give an answer that will give you what you truly need – no more, no less.

Absolutely. Just because you outsource your payroll does not mean that you outsource control. As we process your payroll, we discuss potential issues or opportunities for optimization with you. Before we finalize the transfer of any funds to employee bank accounts, we require confirmation from you that you are happy for us to proceed. We will only accept changes to payroll with verification from you or your authorized representative. All data sent by e-mail is encrypted going to and from our offices. Our team work with you, in partnership, to ensure the most efficient outcomes with transparency throughout the process.

We Help Employers to Remain Compliant With Tax, Labor Law Obligations in The Context of Payroll Accounting.