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We serve as strategic immigration partners for our clients, providing advice and logistical support for work permit support services. We assist with document collection, evaluation, and also preparation in preparation for filing a work permit with the appropriate authorities.

  1. A branch office and liaison office of a private sector industrial enterprise outside the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) – Bangladesh Investment Development Authority (BIDA).


  2. Employment of foreign nationals in the Export Processing Zone – Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA).


  3. A foreign national may be employee in any NGO through the NGO Affairs Bureau.


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We Provide Work Permit Support & Visa At A Best Rate

The employment of foreign nationals in Bangladesh is conditional upon the acquisition of a work permit. A work permit for foreign nationals employed by foreign private companies, organizations, or industries must be apply for in advance. HR Bangladesh can process visas and work permits for foreign nationals wishing to visit Bangladesh for business or who wish to work in Bangladesh for an organization.

A Bangladeshi employer must obtain a work permit before hiring an international employee. The employer must meet the requirements of the Bangladesh government before applying for a work permit for their employees in Bangladesh. Work permits are required for foreign nationals in Bangladesh. Those private sector industrial enterprises wishing to hire foreign nationals are require to apply in advance to BOI in the prescribe format.

The employment of nationals of recognize countries is consider. The employment of expatriate personnel will be considered only in industrial/commercial establishments which are sanction and registered.

It is usual to hire foreign nationals for jobs that are not filled by local experts or technicians. Employing anyone younger than 18 years of age is not permit. We also provide work visa processing services.

A decision of the board of directors of the concerned company is required for any new employment or employment extension.

There should be no more than 5% foreign employees in the industrial sector and 20% in the commercial sector, including top-level management personnel. So get in touch with us.

Who Can Apply To Payroll2bangladesh For Work Permit Support Services?

  1.  An expert or employee of a government or semi-government organization or a project of an autonomous body or equivalent organization in Bangladesh.
  2. An employee of a government agency, semi-government agency, liaison, industrial/commercial organization, or other equivalent organization in Bangladesh.
  3. Those employed under local/foreign government/ semi-government contractor ships in Bangladesh and those employed in equivalent organizations.
  4. A person who intends to volunteer (without compensation) for an NGO registered in Bangladesh.

Business Visa

Student Visa

Employment Visa

Diplomatic Visa

Investor Visa

Journalist Visa

NGO Visa

Tourist Visa

We Ensure 7 Types Of Work Permit Support Within A Short Time

Bangladesh requires a valid visa for citizens of most countries. Once the Embassy receives a visa application. It determines the type and category of visa and duration of stay.

Types and categories are based on the purpose of the visit, time spent outside the country. And any bilateral agreements between the country and the foreign national.

Visits to Bangladesh require a passport valid for at least 6(six) months. For endorsement of Bangladesh visas, holders of Certificates/Laissez-Passers issue by the United Nations and its Specialize Agencies are acceptable documents. Continuous Discharge Certificates/Nullies/Seaman Books are also acceptable (when traveling on duty).

Foreign nationals with valid Stay/Work Permit in Thailand). Who wish to visit Bangladesh are allocated the following categories of visa by the Embassy of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh in Bangkok:

1. Getting a Tourist Visa

2. Business Visa

3. Student Visa

4. Journalist Visa

5. Also Employment Visa

6.Diplomatic Visa

6.Investor Visa

7.NGO Visa

Investors in existing / new/ under construction/ upcoming industrial /commercial entities in the private sector under joint venture or 100% foreign-owned company are eligible for an investor visas. The following documents will be required for an investor visa:

  1. Letter of recommendation from the Ministry of Industries, Dhaka or the Board of Investment (BOI) or Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA), Dhaka;
  2. Two copies of 45mm X 35mm photographs;
  3. Duly filled-in visa application form.

1. Form fill out online.

2. Passport and the copy of the main page (with picture & valid Thai visa page).

3. Also Copy of Thai Work Permit & Stay Permit.

4. recent color photographs.

5. Also copy of the Hotel reservation.

6. A copy of recent book bank or bank statement (alternative).

7. A copy of Ticket.

8. A valid Passport with a sufficient number of pages also.

9. Copy of the previous visa.

  1.   Passport and the copy of the main page (picture & valid Thai visa page).
  2. Thai Work Permit & the copy.
  3.   2 recent color photographs.
  4.   Also An employment letter.
  5.   An invitation letter from Office in Bangladesh.
  6.   A copy of the Hotel reservation.
  7. An authorized letter, in case the applicant is not able to submit in person .
  8. A copy of recent book bank or bank statement (alternative).
  9. Copy of the previous Visa.
  10. Also a personal / Company bank statement is require.

Regular students/students seeking admission/researchers in any government-approved educational institution would be eligible for student visas. The following documents will be require for a student visa:

  1. Proof of letter from the Bangladesh Government-approve educational institution. Where the applicant has got admit or going to be admitted also.
  2. Sponsorship letter from the concerned educational institute of Bangladesh.
  3. Bank statement (last three months).
  4. Also Student ID with a photocopy.
  5. Two copies of 45mm X 35mm photographs.
  6. Also Duly filled-in visa application form.

Experts / advisers / employees / Individuals appointed in government / semi-government/ autonomous bodies / projects and equivalent organizations. Individuals employed in local/ foreign government / semi-government/ liaison / industrial / commercial organizations or other equivalent organizations.

And individuals appointed under local / foreign government / semi-government contractor-ship and in equivalent organizations would be eligible for employment visa.

The following documents will be requires for an employment visa:

  1. A letter from the employer.
  2. Approval letter/Letter of recommendation from the relevant Ministry or Board of Investment (BOI) or Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority (BEPZA).
  3. Recommendation letter from the organization
  4. Appointment letter or contract papers with full terms and also conditions.
  5. Two copies of 45mm X 35mm photographs.
  6. Duly filled-in visa application form
  7. Also Diplomatic Visa/Official Visa.
  8. The following documents will be require for a diplomatic/official visa.
  9. Note Verbal or official letter from the concerned Government/ Embassy/ Office/ Organization.
  10. Two copies of 45mm X 35mm photographs.
  11. Duly fill-in visa application form.
  12. Note Verbal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is require for the Exemption of the Visa fees for the official visits.
  13. Also Visa will be given only on the Official Passport.

Individuals appoint in an NGO register in Bangladesh would be eligible for an NGO visa for employment/service. The following documents will be require for an NGO visa:

  1. A certified letter from the concern NGO in Bangladesh. Which should be duly attested by the NGO Affairs Bureau, Dhaka.
  2. An appointment letter with full terms and conditions from the NGO where the applicant is going to join.
  3. A letter from the present employer where the applicant belongs to.
  4. Two copies of 45mm X 35mm photographs.
  5. Also Duly filled-in visa application form.
  6. Recommendation letter from the organization.

Journalists of newspapers/magazines/TV or radio networks/news agencies /representatives of print, electronic, or satellite media/freelance journalists would be eligible for a journalist visa for the purpose of professional duty in Bangladesh. The following documents will be requires for a journalist visa:

  1. A support letter from his/her organization describing the purpose of his/her visit.
  2. Two copies of 45mm X 35mm photographs.
  3. Duly filled-in visa application form.
  4. Passport copies (the main picture page and valid Thai visa page)
  5. One set of a copy of a Thai work permit.
  6. Also a copy of the press identity card.
  7. A recommendation letter from an organization/ News agency in Thailand, providing necessary information such as the correspondent details. What subject will be recovered in Bangladesh, and also the equipment/kits for example camera to carry for journalist purposes.
  8. For Shooting in Bangladesh to produce TV / Video Film / Documentary by Foreign Network / Organization also.

The following documents will be require for a diplomatic/official visa:

  1. Note Verbal or official letter from the concern Government/ Embassy/ Office/ Organization.
  2. Also Two copies of 45mm X 35mm photographs.
  3. Duly filled-in visa application form.
  4. Note Verbal from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is requires for the Exemption of the Visa fees for the official visits.

Effective Steps We Follow When Processing Work Permit Support Services

  • First Step

    Publication of newspaper advertisement.

    Employers must publish a newspaper advertisement or an online advertisement for recruitment.

    Also Not all requirements are mandatory.

  • Second Step

    Application for issuance of E visa recommendation.

    The local sponsor (Liaison/Branch Office or local company) will apply to BIDA through its online system in order to obtain an E visa recommendation in support of the desired foreign national. For this application, you usually need these documents:

    1. Copy of the permission letter for branch/liaison/representative office or of the articles of association and certificate of incorporation if a locally incorporated company.
    2. A Board Resolution for employment involving a foreign nation(s) stating the expatriate’s name, nationality, and passport number.
    3. Expatriate photograph.
    4. A copy of the passport of the ex-pat/investor/employee (the entire page).
    5. Appointment letter/transfer order/service contract or agreement for expats/investors.
    6. All academic qualifications and professional experience certificates for employees.
    7. A paper clipping illustrating an advertisement for recruiting local personnel prior to the appointment of the ex-pat(s).
    8. The specific activities of the company.
    9. A report on the company’s personnel. It contains information about local and foreign employees, including their designations, salaries, nationalities, and first appointment dates. Printed copy (Latest version).
    10. An encashment certificate for at least US $50,000.00 as an initial establishment cost for branches/liaison/representative offices and locally incorporated/joint venture companies owned by 100% foreign owners.
    11. Income tax clearance certificate (organization).
    12. Also Attachment of the company’s comments (if any)

    All documents must be attested by the Chairman/CEO/Managing Director/Country Manager/Chief Executive of the firm/company.

  • Third Step

    Apply for an E visa at the Bangladesh Embassy or High Commission.

    A foreign national who has received a recommendation from BIDA must apply for an E visa through the Bangladesh Embassy or High Commission in that country. After the E visa is issued, the foreign national should enter Bangladesh with the E visa.

  • Fourth Step

    Apply for a work permit in Bangladesh.

    A work permit application must be submitted to BIDA within 15 days of the foreign national’s arrival. There is a fee of BDT 5,000 in this regard.

    New work permits requires the following papers/documents:

    1. Documents are stated in the second step.
    2. An attested copy of the employee’s passport with the arrival stamp of a type E visa.
  • Fifth Step

    Obtaining clearance.

    As soon as a work permit is issue by BIDA, a copy will be sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs for clearance by BIDA. A security clearance will be issue after some scrutiny.

Why Payroll2bangladesh For Work Permit Support Services?

Work Permit Support Services

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Frequently Asked Questions For Work Permit Support

How many days the validity of a work permit?

The work permit’s maximum validity (and the maximum period for which it can be extend under this program) is four years.

How many times can you renew a work visa?

The validity duration of the job authorization paper is normally one or two years. You can apply for a renewal at any moment up to four months before your current work permit expires. The expiration date of your EAD can be easily determine by looking at the front of the card.

How long does a work visa last for?

It’s critical to prevent any gaps in job authorization and to keep in mind that your work visa is only valid for one year. You can apply for a renewal work visa as early as 180 days (6 months) before your existing one expires, which is fortunate.

How long does it take to get green card after work permit?

Depending on your eligibility category and which USCIS office or service center handles your petition. Also It could take anywhere from 5 to 43 months to acquire your Green Card after you receive your work permit from USCIS.

For Any Questions, Please Feel Free To Call Our Office For Support Help.