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Accounting, If you are searching for the best provider of HR and Payroll Outsourcing services. You don’t need to look any further since Payroll2Bangladesh is the most resourceful payroll processing outsourcing service in Bangladesh. We are also regarded as the outstanding HR outsourcing firms that are creatively designed and developed for back-office jobs. Like accounting, bookkeeping, human resources, recruitment, human resource record administration, tax filing and also payroll processing. In line with this, we specialize management consulting, employee relations, compliance, policies, handbooks, performance management, and also more.

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Here Are Some of the Industries That We Serve

Payroll2bangladesh also provides services to businesses across Bangladesh and most of our clients are all amazed and happy with the great results that we provide them. Through our screening process, our expert and team are more focused on examining the basic data and also specifications that are being our valued clients. We are also identified as a dynamic and young company that specializes in working with small, medium and large companies.

Employee Support

  • Employee database maintenance
  • Administration support
  • Also Training and development
  • Carrier conversation
  • Salary processing
  • Payroll tax computation and reasoning
  • Tax filing and also accounting
  • Reporting (payslip, salary sheet)

Administrative Work

  • Reprieve from tedious work
  • No risk of penalties or fines on accounting mistakes or delays
  • Payroll processing and also accounting
  • Payroll tax computation and deduction
  • Also Reporting (pay slip, salary sheet)
  • Hot line service to address staff queries 

Accurate Payments

  • Complete compliance of regulations
  • No staffing requirements, no hiring, and also recruiting or training is necessary
  • More time to focus on core competencies
  • Present staff can take more responsibilities
  • Payroll taken care by experts
  • Also Confidentiality of payroll data
  • Quick turnaround




Payroll Services

HR- Consulting

Remote HR Staffing

Accurate Payroll Administration

Payroll2Bangladesh is made of professional HR consultants’ team that works with companies and their payroll providers to ensure timely, accurate payroll administration and also wage disbursement. We also provide customized and functional Training and Recruitment services to small, medium and large-size companies, streamlining your payroll processes in more effective and efficient management and administration of the organization.

And we are also direct on making our valued clients successful and at the same time. We strongly believe that our success is linked with our clients. For you to be familiar with our excellent services. We also provide services to companies across the globe and most of our clients are all amazed and with the great results that we provide them. We assure that each HR function is manage by our highly capable Payroll and also HR experts who specialize in those particular roles. Fundamentally, HR improves the position of your company.

Payroll2Bangladesh has the resources to provide you with more qualified employees that are a better fit for your company at a lower cost. And as employees will likely be a better fit, they will also help reduce your turnover rate. We also feature programs that have unique features of computing employees’ annual salary, computation of income tax, processing tax payment records, employees’ annual income tax return, report of perquisites and also compliance with Bangladesh’s Taxation regulations.

Frequently Asked Questions For Accounting Solution

Is my current payroll firm providing quality service?

Consider this checklist for evaluating payroll services if you’re deciding whether or not to switch payroll provider.

How Do Accountants Differ?

Accounting Differ

Accounting professions can be  into a number of categories. Some of them work in the private sector, while others work in the public sector. Among them are:
Keep track of public records, auditors. Additionally, they analyze and verify financial documents
White-collar crimes are dealt with by forensic accountants. They investigate fraud and also assist the courts in legal matters.
An accountant with specialized training in taxation is a tax accountant. Representatives of individual taxpayers can represent them before the IRS.
Individuals or groups receive financial advice from Financial Advisors who fall under the consultant category.
Accountants report to controllers

What Is The Benefit Of Outsourcing My Accounting?

Accounting Benefit Of Outsourcing

You should leave the job to the professionals. If you’re like most business owners and CEOs, you’re proud of the services or products your company offers. Your time and also energy should be focus on business strategy and goals. We at Payroll2Bangladesh offer a variety of professional services that are devote to the department.

What Is The Procedure For Updating Account?

It is possible to view and update your personal information through Payroll2Bangladesh. Through the Manage Account and also Account Settings screens. You can delete your Payroll2bangladesh account. A representative from H&R Block will respond to your questions as soon as possible.

Do You Offer A Guarantee For Your Work?

We have earned a reputation of excellence over the past 20+ years. Our expert consultants prepare each return and ensure it is double-check before filing. We will claim every legitimate deduction or rebate, we won’t let anything slip by. Every aspect of your finances will be kept also confidential.

Can I Make Extra Contributions To My Account?

Contributing to your fund can boost it. Contributions to your fund from your income are call personal contributions.

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