Remote Skill Sourcing and Offshore Recruitment Services

4 Unique offshore Staff  Recruitment Process

  • Payroll2Bangladesh is one of the largest families of IT and construction contractors in the country.  And also our firm helps employers in Bangladesh who are seeking candidates in the mentioned industries to fill offshore staff positions also.

  • We are a recruitment company in Bangladesh. And we successfully provide Bangladeshi workers of all categories to reputable clients around the world.  We specialize in skilled, reliable connections between semi-skilled workers, unskilled workers, technical workers, and professionals.
  • The offshore staffing services provided by Quality Web Programming. A web development and programming company in Bangladesh, and also we will help you make the most of your business.
  • We provide offshore staffing services that are more cost-effective and allow you to earn more money. We offer offshore staff from around the world at a pre-agreed rate including web programmers, content management developers, web developers also.
  • It’s possible for you to administer the work closely during the offshore staffing period. They will work eight hours a day for six days a week. Don’t compromise on quality also.
Offshore Staff Recruitment

Offshore Staffing Recruitment Service Advantage:

  • Providing offshore and on-site staffing services for years
  • The infrastructure is outstanding
  • Manpower pool that is rich
  • Experts from the best industries

Allowing the partners to exercise freedom during the tenure of offshore staff

Our expert services are complemented by an honest, open approach. We at Payroll2Bangladesh provide a truly professional and value added service that enables our clients to achieve their needs and supports. Our candidates in meeting their career goals also.

Offering both contract and permanent candidates of the highest caliber. Since we have a database of over 10k candidates, we have no problem filling even the most of positions also.

Our Corporate Philosophy

Bangladesh is not only rich in natural resources, but also in dynamic and talented workers. The natural warmth of the Bangladeshi personality. Their caring demeanor, their outstanding language skills, also their dedication make them a good fit for any employer.

Bangladesh workers are sought after internationally because of their outstanding communication skills and work ethic. Bangladesh has become a positive presence throughout the world.

In Bangladeshis make up the majority of the shipping crew in the industry. Bangladeshi workers work throughout the Middle East. Also Nnursing professionals, allied health care workers, and also computer programmers also.

And other skilled professionals are in demand across key markets such as Asia, Europe, and North America. In many hotels worldwide, travelers will see the smiling face of a Bangladeshi attendant offshore staff also.

An Established Company

Experience With Remote Staffing in Bangladesh

Access To An Extensive Database of Top Candidates

Cost-efficient Services


This New Global Workforce Gives Recruiters Access to a Large, Diverse, Global Talent Pool

When company operations are moved over. The company is able to receive various benefits from offshoring. There are several advantages.

Lower labor cost

Lower labor cost

Will make an advantage business practice for business owners in developed also whole countries. 

Whether offshore workers are capable of doing the same type of work as those in the market for much lower labor costs. Where lower labor costs can increase revenue and also improve profits.

24 7 availability

24/7 availability

Offshoring recruitment services companies can offer coverage of the different time zones worldwide. 

Team members can handover the other teams present on other parts of the world at night, so the project can continue day and night until it is also completed.

Tax benefits and financial incentives

Tax benefits and financial incentives

The tax structures, and also business in countries. It make easier for foreign direct investment and industrial development to take place. Offshoring benefit from such as it makes  easier.

Availability of skilled labor

Availability of skilled labor

Bangladesh & India provide a variety of skilled labor at a lower cost than. The companies are able to select the most qualify people who are in the English language and also possess skills that meet the market’s needs staff.

HR Recruitment and Staffing Agency in Bangladesh.

Payroll2Bangladesh provides Recruitment Solutions. We supply skilled professionals to clients around the world, focusing on the following industries and discipline:  

  • Service and Hospitality

  • Public Administration

  • A Career in Engineering

  • Manufacturing

  • Petrochemicals

  • Doctors & Health Care

  • Health Care Nursing

  • Shops & Departments

  • Fiber & Plastics Plant

The Information and Communication Technology
  • Service of Security

  • Plant Producing Steel

  • Maritime, Drilling

  • Caterers

  • Restaurants & Hotels

  • Electrical & Mechanical

  • Finance and Banking

  • Communication & Media

  • Management of a Facility

Payroll2Bangladesh provides the best in Bangladeshi expertise whenever and wherever our clients need it, utilizing a proven and meticulous screening process, professional and in-depth candidate interviews. And also a detailed knowledge and appreciation of our client’s business.

Skilled Worker Recruitment, Staffing, and Contract Workforce

Payroll2Bangladesh is an international offshore staff recruitment agency focused on providing quality services. Also our recruitment agency is in the top ten of about 1000 firms in Bangladesh and provide appropriate workers.

The multicultural management team at payroll2bangladesh allows us to understand the needs of our international clients and provide them. Also the appropriate solutions to their recruitment needs.

Payroll2Bangladesh has been deploying skilled workers and professionals from diverse industries and settings throughout Europe, and the Middle East, North America, and also Asia, deliver the best in Bangladeshi expertise.

FAQ For Offshore Staff Recruitment

How does Payroll2BD ensure that the right people are hired inside the organization?

Hired inside the organization offshore staff

At Payroll2BD, and we have a tough measure. Where candidates go through a careful appraisal of their capability, and also relational abilities, and also innovation or related ability and their throughout everyday life.

We also have faith in employing the right of individuals who could be prepared and guided to make them elite sales reps.

Can the Payroll2BD assets be prepared on customer cycles, ATS and VMS?

Payroll2Bangladesh have been prepared on different ATS and VMS instruments and the interaction stream anyway they are particularly versatile to learn new devices and to propel their ability.

As a offshore staff enrollment accomplice. We acquire your cycles, techniques and correspondence conventions to uniform up-and-comer experience. The appropriate response is indeed, also we are entirely adaptable and resolved to adjust into your cycle and go about as your group.

How do I know if the suggested implementation plan is suitable for my program?

Payroll2BD plans tweaked arrangements and execution plan for every one of our customers and consider extremely significant components. And while creating the last suggestion that goes through many layers at Payroll2BD.

We additionally put reasonable and attainable timetables on the plan adjusting the quality time.

Also we look for ideas from our customers and consent to an arrangement that is a mutual benefit for the two players. You can be have confidence that you got the right plan also.

How is Payroll2BD offshore recruitment different from other recruitment firms?

Payroll2BD has a group of specialise that gives day in and day out seaward enlistment administrations to the matter of any kind internationally and permit you to rapidly react to change on the lookout.

We offer faultless scope of enlistment administrations. However, more than that, we can assimilate the enrollment interaction of IT offshore staff, and also HR outsourcing, and medical care staff administrations.

Payroll2BD offshore recruitment:-

Payroll2BD’s  offer you a seaward answer for help to improve your labor force. Lessen the expense and hazard, and also permits you to zero in on your center ability offshore staff.

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