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As an Expatriate workers recruitment agency of repute, we can handle all of your expat recruitment needs. We at Payroll2Bangladesh do not restrict our services to one country only. Expatriate workers recruitment Middle East recruitment is what we do for our clients.
Our expat search service for the Middle East is also available to you. We ensure that you find no difficulty in handling international business locations as expat recruiters. Companies face these challenges when recruiting expatriates:

  • A company would think twice before hiring an expat recruiter for their international operations. A knowledgeable employee who knows the nuances of a wide variety of things is crucial for business success. The expat finder, however, has its challenges.

  • Expatriates are more expensive than someone with a comparable position back home.

  • A professional who is adept at handling international culture as well as ambiance is important.

  • Experiencing multicultural and cosmopolitan attitudes may make finding employment more difficult.

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Simplified Our Expatriate Workers Hiring Process In 4 Ways

Our Recruitment Service Process

We are your ideal expat recruiters who can give you expatriate workers and who know the ins and outs of the different markets and their respective requirements. The services offered by our company will help you augment growth in geographical regions with effective resources skilled in international assignments.


Starter Session

A dedicated consultation with our recruitment manager and expert senior recruiter. Review sample profiles, finalize the job description & align the sourcing.

Candidate Sourcing

Our professional headhunters will conduct a customized recruiting campaign to find the talent you need. We use the latest technology, tools, and also headhunting methodologies.

Candidate Presentation

The first four highly qualified candidates will be presented to you within a week or two. It contains a candidate CV, an assessment, salary information, availability, and a list of offer requirements.

Candidate Interviews

We will arrange all candidate interviews for you. It is possible to conduct interviews remotely or in person. We will collect feedback and assist at every stage. It is possible to present more than one candidate if necessary.

Our Specialties in 3 Expatriate workers Hiring Process Areas

Follow all the specifications for a given country role and the urgent requirements of the company. Expatriates who are global in all aspects and well versed with the market (Expatriate workers).
  • International relationships can be successfully built by professionals who are proficient at handling international pressure.

  • A reliable overseas recruitment agency will identify and select candidates who will contribute to your international objectives and settle first.

  • Our company recruits expats for Dubai, Singapore, UK, USA, and South Africa.

Global economic development is accelerating. It is imperative to have multi-skill professionals across borders. It can be difficult to identify the right resource to meet your organization’s objectives. The majority of companies do expat search that is devoted to making their stars shine and finding careers overseas.

Get Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Our goal is to meet the needs of our clients completely. In the past, we have provided highly commendable expatriate workers personnel. We guarantee your total satisfaction with our services. It will be impossible for you to raise your voice. We will then be able to provide you with further expatriate workers requirements. Success is only considered a success if the clients are satisfied.

Looking for jobs in an expat country? We offer quick and affordable expat recruitment agency solutions.

If you require expat recruitment services, payroll2bangladesh is ready to assist you. We are a reputable expat recruitment service that can handle all of your expat recruitment needs. Payroll2Bangladesh is not confine to providing services in a single country. For our clients, we provide expat recruitment services.

For your firm, we ensure the best competent staffing services from both domestic and international sources. If our clients demand part-time or full-time staff for their business, we are prepared to meet their needs.

Why To Choose Our Services

We can assist with recruiting expats for your foreign locations. Our company can be your choice as an agency since we offer the following reasons:
We have experience recruiting expats in the Middle East. The industries in which we have hired expats are diverse. It is through this experience that the right talents can be found. we’ve maintained a very good reputation for maintaining the quality of our services.

We respond very quickly to the requirements. Our goal is not to let your business suffer due to delays from our end. We meet deadlines with our experts. For every customer, we meet with them so that the business process is not delayed.


We take into account the individual needs of each client. Please let us know if you have any special requirements. We provide you with experienced expats who can handle your needs. The team has worked and handled foreign assignments very efficiently.


We charge reasonable rates for the services we provide to our clients. As a result, most of our clients have remained with us. Our customers keep coming back to us for our services. We provide quality-assured manpower. Throughout our history, 

FAQ For Expatriate Workers Recruitment

What is the objective of Our expatriation training program?

Expatriate workers training aids your personnel to recognize how their new culture affects their community and professional connections.

Then clarify them everything that’s are vital to know to survive in this country. Moreover, inspire them to develop the skills they’ll need to adjust to their new living and working situation.

What will be the best location to stay for Expart Workers?

If Expatriate workers are planning to live and work in Dhaka for long term, then Bashundhara would be the greatest chosen place for them. This residential area is along with the airport and  Gulshan, Banani and Baridhara these most commercial areas are just a few minutes away from Bashundhora.

Therefore this is a most preferred place of expatriates, who particularly require everything like access to great university, schools, grocery stores, restaurants, banks, offices, hospitals, and shopping malls in same place.

What factors we consider while recruiting expatriates?

Personality factors that benefits the workers to adapt new environment are: Interactive Skills, Community Skills, Emotional Intelligence, Strong Aptitude, Intercultural Adaptability, Communication Abilities, Versatility, Leadership management, and Patience.

What does our HR department do to help succeed?

We arrange training programs for the expatriate workers, bring ex-pats and local closer together, and provide motivation through incentives and counseling to keep them driven

Why is it so difficult to manage expatriate employees?

Recruiting, handling or managing expatriate workers is a difficult endeavor. As because it is often connect with significant expenses and extensive planning. Expatriate workers Additionally, Expat supervision is often complex by a shortage of information and Expatriate workers understanding about foreign settings. The high expenditure of expatriation is one of the most significant issues.

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