Managed & Outsourced Payroll Services in Bangladesh.

Are you a business owner or an employer in Dhaka, Bangladesh? We can help with your payroll. Bangladesh tax and payroll laws can be a hassle, let P2B handle that for you! Fast, Correct & Secure.


Pay, track, manage, and analyze all employees.

Payroll management is a process of tracking and administering employee salaries and wages in accordance with relevant regulations. Depending on the complexity of a payroll system, payroll management involves tracking information such as hourly wages, hours worked, projects involved, time off, benefits, and others. After processing this data, the total compensation of individual employees is calculated for each payment period. The amount is transferred from the organization to the employee once the figure is determined. Finally, reports must be generated for internal decision-making and external compliance.

Payroll management consists of four primary stages:

  • Tracking employee information relevant to their job.
  • Preparation of period records, such as weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.
  • Keeping records of employee payments
  • Generating necessary reports for internal and external use.

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Individual Consultations

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Export Processing

Our fully managed payroll services offer a complete outsourced solution.

Outsource Payroll

There is an option to outsource payroll support, regardless of the size of your company. Outsourced payroll is available for any business.

Financial Management

Every business needs to handle its finances. We can help you resolve this issue. Our team can handle all your payroll, tax, and financial concerns.

Automated Payroll

Processes related to payroll are automated. Our automated payroll software will automate the payroll process for your business.

Third-party Payroll

Third-party payroll services are provided by Payroll2Bangladesh. As a business partner, we provide payroll services.

Remote Payroll Solution to Pay contractors & employees with 1 click

Payroll management is a process of tracking and administering employee salaries and wages in accordance with relevant regulations. Depending on the complexity of a payroll system, payroll management involves tracking information such as hourly wages, hours worked, projects involved, time off, benefits, and others. Following this data, the total compensation paid to each employee during each period is calculated. 

Step 1: Setup

The payroll solution will be set up based on your requirements. We will also establish a new pay calendar for the year.

Step 2: Data input

Use our program to record timesheets, expenses, starters, leavers, and payroll. We verify payroll reconciliation.

Step 3: Calculate and process

You will receive a payroll calculation/validation from us. As soon as the live run is approved, we execute it as per requirements.

Step 4: Payment

Payroll2bangladesh will issue BACs payment instructions for employee net payments, and third parties if requested.

Step 5: Submission

Employer Payment Summary and Full Payment Submission will be produced and submitted by Payroll2Bangladesh to HMRC.

Step 6: Reporting

Moorepay will process payrun reports and bespoke reports making them available to view following the live run.

Step 7: Payslips

Payroll2Bangladesh will provide your employees with an e-payslip. These will be available within your cloud-based software.

Step 8: End of Year

We submit Full Payment Submission and Employer Payment Summary to HMRC, as well as produce e-P60s/draft P11Ds.

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Why Our Managed Payroll Unique

Why payroll2bangladesh for managed payroll?

We’ve been handling payroll for over 15 years. We’re also innovators who introduced industry-leading cloud technologies. We offer payroll management technology and expertise throughout your payroll process when you choose payroll2bangladesh. We ensure best practices and handle all compliance requests and changes. You get from us to the following facility:

The Benefits of Payroll2bangladesh Managed Payroll

Payroll2Bangladesh offers a complete range of managed payroll and HR software, from entry-level payroll software to a complete package of HR and payroll management.Take advantage of our unparalleled service:

  • All employee activity can be tracked, managed, and analysed in one place.
  • Track time and integrate with payroll.
  • You can view payroll data from multiple countries in one place.
  • Strategic decision-making benefits.
  • Reports are sent to you quarterly and annually.
  • Take advantage of Payroll2Bangladesh’s expertise and best-in-class technology.

Reputation among our clients with managed payroll

What people say about payroll2bangladesh managed payroll!Client says The payroll2bangladesh team is always a pleasure to work with. I have complete trust in their knowledge and work accuracy. Thank you for providing excellent services to us! You help make each day a bit easier for HR professionals like us.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions For Managed Payroll Solutions

Do I need A managed payroll service?

There are various reasons why entrepreneurs decide to outsource their payroll capacities. For some, excessively unpredictable payroll capacities and consistently changing Payroll2BD guidelines, can be hard to keep on top of consistently. For other people, this is on the grounds that they basically don’t have the assets to satisfy the needs of payroll preparing.

Is a managed payroll service suitable for all businesses?

Indeed. It is appropriate for sorts of organizations – enormous and little – just as noble cause and other non-benefit associations. At Payroll2BD we work with a scope of organizations to give managed payroll solutions.

  1. Managed Payroll for Large Businesses
  2. Managed Payroll for Non-Profit Organizations
  3. Managed Payroll for Recruitment Companies

Do you have time keeping framework?

We work several unique choices on this. A portion of our customers investigate our choices, others will proceed with their present framework and we attempt to construct spans/patches where that information can be brought into our framework.

How might I be certain my payroll Data is secure?

At Payroll2BD we needs customer information assurance by putting resources into the most recent innovation and exceptionally progressed information security methods to guarantee your delicate data is protected. Most fundamentally, we don’t get any customer information seaward and all server farm and workers that hold any finance information are totally situated in the Bangladesh.

Do Payroll2BD offer any kind of guarantee?

As a feature of the underlying set up stage, we draw up a help level arrangement enumerating the cycles, exercises and deliverable that have been concurred, including timescales, cutoff times and other key execution markers. This guarantees the presentation of the new payroll framework is appropriately project overseen and permits all invested individuals to track and screen progress.

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