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Offshore and outsourced jobs are extremely popular in Bangladesh. Worldwide companies have been increasingly offering work-from-home opportunities to their Bangladeshi employees in recent years. Bangladeshi companies have response by offering remote employee recruitment as a way to compete with the work-life balance that Bangladeshi employees enjoy from working from home. This has result in an active culture of remote employment within the Bangladeshi job market. Because of this, we have large talent pools of Bangladeshi remote employee recruitment who are already familiar with working from home. And who have played key roles in both local and global virtual teams. These remote employees have deep experience in software development, IT infrastructure, marketing, sales, finance, e-commerce, digital marketing, and more.

Hiring And Payroll Management For Business Expansion

Permanent hiring

1. Permanent Hiring

You will be introduced to qualified applicants who are eager to contribute immediately.

Contract staffing

3. Contract Staffing

Recruit qualify temporary employees and contract-to-direct hires for your organization.


2. Payrolling

The flexibility of flexible services allows you to grow or shrink quickly.

Executive search

4. Executive Search

A successful organization needs season leaders.

Remote Recruitment Outsourcing And Hire Offshore Staffing

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a common service to be outsourced. A recruitment service provider would handle all or part of an remote employee  recruitment processes.  payroll2bangladesh relieves you of that burden by offering top talent. While allowing you to focus on the things you do best.

1. Quality Hires

Providers invest significantly in presenting their offerings. Clients benefit from a cultivated pool of talent offer by the talent pool. Also used to help quantify the quality of hire.

2. Cost Reduction

Cost-effectiveness is one of Payroll2Bangladesh’s major advantages. RPO providers can modify their recruitment procedures to meet the fluctuating hiring needs of clients. As a result of RPO, companies can fill up vacancies much faster. Which ultimately reduces the amount of time spent on candidate sourcing.

3. Reduced Time to Hire

Our time-to-hire models allow us to meet the strict deadlines. The best way to reduce time to hire with these positions is to build a talent pool which you can contact when the time comes.

4. Talent Pool

The best talent is always present for the job. We pool the best candidates and engage with them actively, creating a network for future hiring. Talent Pool refers to a place or database where recruiters and HR Managers keep all of their top job candidates. Talent pools make not only candidates that

Bangladesh Payroll Benefits And Statutory Compliance Services

At the time of writing this, we see rapid changes in hopes of enforcing a regime of social aggression distancing. Many organisations are force to switch to remote work, and to a much faster pace than anyone would recommend. We offer Remote Employee Recruitment services where you still receive 100% of the remote employee recruitment experience. But you meet candidates at your office instead.

Remote Staff Team-To Deliver Your Dream

  • Businesses save time and money by not having to arrange for their office space, furniture, and other fixtures.
  • Payroll2Bangladesh enables companies to reduce overhead costs by providing remote staffing solutions.
  • Getting access to candidates across Bangladesh is an advantage for companies.
  • Qualified virtual and remote workers, once assigned a task, work effectively at their own pace. While conforming to the deadlines and time constraints of their client companies.
  • They are more productive because they do not feel confined within the walls of corporate offices, working time-bound hours. And being constantly monitor by seniors.
  • The virtual employees help companies to post higher profits for the companies they work for as compared with regular on-board employees. Since the latter must prove themselves to remain employee.
Be Our Remote Staff Recruitment Partner

Enjoy 3 Expert Remote Recruitment Service Solutions

01. Our Team

We work more than 15 years and recruitment experience to ensure your success. We are the best Remote Employee Recruitments – PEO Payroll Outsourcing company in Bangladesh.

02. Quality Guarantee

Payroll2Bangladesh’s remote recruiters strive to ensure quality talent and client satisfaction every day through our Payroll2Bangladesh Promise. Which is our 100 percent quality guarantee.

03. Our Services

Our remote staffing experts work with clients to help them grow their business and ensure they are matched with top talent, whether on a direct-hire, contract, or contract-to-hire. We provide the best services.

Most Trusted Remote Recruiter for Your Business

Most Trusted Remote Recruiter For Your Business

Since payroll2bangladesh has been a part time remote recruiter for over a decade. It has built an excellent track record for connecting employers to the most qualify work from home workers. Our remote employee recruitment consultants and work from home headhunters search deep into the marketplace to identify the best remote workers across multiple industries and sectors. So that we can provide our clients with the best work from home personnel available on the market. Whether you are looking for a freelance job, flex job or contract position. We are an expert in providing the best remote work recruiter solutions ranging across a range of job sectors and domains.

The Only Remote Work Recruiter You Need To Know!

Many employers find it challenging to understand and adopt remote working, a concept that is widely discuss in today’s business world. Thus, we aim to keep things as simple as possible and work together to resolve any challenges that arise. Our part-time remote employee recruitment are highly trained professionals who can evaluate the various requirements that make part-time remote employee recruitment successful. No matter what the skill set, the availability of working hours, the linguistic skills or the ability to complete work assignments on time. Our remote recruiters take every aspect into account in order to ensure that your working relationship with your part-time remote employee recruitment remains excellent.

3 Easy Solutions With Experienced Part Time Recruiter -Work From Home

We help companies source skilled professionals across a wide variety of fields; and we assist remote workers find employment in their skill areas. Payroll2Bangladesh continues to be one of the few remote recruitment agencies available to companies seeking remote recruiters.

1. Global Talent Network

You do not have to hire only local candidates when you partner with us.Young Professionals in Dhaka is a talent network that addresses the need for highly educated researchers and talented students to dhaka,Bangladesh.

2. Faster Hires

We have built strong relationships with countless work from home professionals over the past decade, and we have built an extensive remote talent network that allows us to meet our clients’ needs more quickly.

3. An Expert Remote Recruiter

We have been a leading remote recruitment agency since 2010. And our recruitment consultants, headhunters, and contractor recruiters work from home have years of experience working with Remote workers.

FAQ For Remote Employee Recruitment

How we train and empower remote employee?

One of the biggest obstacles of managing remotely is the relative separation that a manager may realize from their team. Moreover, there are many logistical challenges in getting synced and on the same page with remote employee recruitment.

Therefore, these can simply be overcome using technology and regular communications to make the most of the connections and “team spirit” within a team.

How we utilize buddy system to increase productivity?

Touch points are as vital in a remote working environment as they are in a physical work environment. Sensing socially distant from your coworkers may hamper productivity.

Therefore we implement a buddy system in place through remote employee recruitment. So they don’t feel so far remove from work social circles

How we keep our employees accountable?

Remote Employee Recruitment accountable

We introduce a productivity software that requires staffs to clock in and clock out throughout the day so you can monitor how much they’re staying in work. This system is useful for workers who are paid by the hour or for contract workers, it’s not an ideal setup for your full-time employees.

Therefore we train them well as well as motivate and appreciate for their work so that they can respond in time. Remote employee recruitment becomes much feasible and also flexible in this process.

How you engage remote employees for Happy Hours?

We are aware that it is very hard to have a ‘happy hour’ when everyone’s in a different location in the remote employee recruitment process.

However, we have has made it work at our organization. In our team’s ‘remote’ happy hours. We gather weekly in Zoom after work is done for the day.

PEO & Employer Of Record Make The Process Easy For New Employment Contract And Taxation Of Salaried Individuals Of A New Employee In Bangladesh.