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The team at Payroll2Bangladesh offers several strategies for you have a certain level, when hire offshore staff contractors. 

Hire Offshore Staff Can Offer Many Benefits to Your Company. Let’s Discuss Those 

Opens up Deeper Talent Pools

You may want to hire locally but find the pool of talent for IT roles quite limited. It is not everyone who has the specific education and skill set required for highly technical positions such as software developers and engineers.

But, Large companies eager to hire top talent are quick to snare up top tech talent, even in metro areas. You can find much more talent outside the us when you look beyond local borders with hire offshore staff.

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Top Quality Payroll Strategies for Hiring Offshore Staff Contractors

  • It’s time to address how outsourcing can benefit your company. Now that you know the benefits, let’s get started.

  • You can avoid common outsourcing pitfalls by exploring legitimate ways to hire an offshore software developer.

  • Your organization may be at risk of legal risk and task violation if it takes on contractors living outside of Bangladesh.

  • Bangladesh personnel in countries where their employer has no registered presence might have problems getting paid.

These three business-smart strategies can help you avoid the legal and financial ramifications of outsourcing the wrong way for Staff contractors: 

Startups and companies can take advantage of a variety of IT staffing options offered by IT staffing agencies. Staffing can assist you with your IT department with technical support. Whether you need one engineer or a whole team. 

Ask yourself these questions when you are shopping for an employment agency:

  • The hiring process through this agency takes how long? This agency uses which development methodology? According to the Better Business Bureau. You will have access to the latest technology and equipment by outsourcing to a company that has a large pool of employees.
  • Generally, IT firms are equipped to source global talent and deliver innovative digital products. The more prominent firms often stay abreast of market trends, advances, and industry best practices. 

business-smart strategies:

  • At payroll2bangladesh, also we offer IT staff services to the headache of recruiting and provide your company with the resources it needs without all the red tape. Also Hire Offshore Staff provides top-notch developers ready to work with your in-house team as needed. 
  • Payroll2bangladesh acts as the official employer for all taxes, payroll, employee benefits. And, other technicalities when you outsource through us. We are legally responsible and handle all the paperwork. 
  • Despite remaining the official employer makes sure our developers are fully integrate into your teams, adhering to your company culture and practices. 
  • You can also hire offshore staff contractors through freelancing platforms like Fiverr, Freelancer, and Upwork. 
  • Organizations can direct connect with talent through these global freelance marketplaces. To use a freelancing platform for  you will need to create a profile and job posting. You can either find and contact freelance developers who are fit for the job, or you can apply directly to freelancers. 
  • Recent world events have led to more and more professionals working from home and signing up to sites. The data represents US-based talent, but it may suggest a trend toward freelancing. This trend will continue to give small companies a greater number of options if this is the case.
  • Hiring contractors through a reduces red tape and payroll. Despite this, often retain hefty fees and may not be worth it if you plan to hire multiple developer. 
Using an Staffing Agency

Our Best Offshore Staff Augmentation Services For You!

You don’t have to worry about HR work when you use payroll2bangladesh. Also, with our staff services, our team is ready to provide your team with top-level talent quickly. We provide a full range of services to your needs, including: 

We Have The Respect For Our Valuable Clients

Our dedication to quality services has helped us build relationships that last. 


Designing UX/UI

Strategy for products

New technologies

Mobile development

Website development

  • Our designers are ready to work with your team to develop a world-class app or other digital product.

  • Payroll2Bangladesh offers IT staff augmentation services to small and mid-sized businesses and even enterprise-level companies. We can help your company too ,contact us today.

Authorized 6 Offshore Staff contractors For You!

When you want better workers outside your building district, you can hire contractors. The arrangement where you become one of many clients, rather than a single employer, is ideal for short and part-time work.

1. Low cost

contractors are affordable for projects with a limited scope.

2. Low paperwork

Contractors with small scales have fewer compliance requirements.

3. Flexibility

You can hire and fire as you please.

4. Employee churn

Contractors often take on multiple clients and leave unexpectedly.

5. Legal exposure

Some countries have stricter laws regarding contracts, and you could find yourself in trouble if they view you as an employer rather than a client.

6. Training drain

Hiring contractors typically takes more time than hiring full-time workers who are easier to manage and will stay longer. 

Payroll Options for Offshore Contractors

Contracts Directly

Consult a legal professional in both countries before signing the contract with the worker. HR costs are cut, no middlemen are involved, and contract terms can be flexible. Legal risk, high cost of legal consult, manual, not salable. The company is based in Bangladesh and specializes in software development.

Contractor Platforms

It is possible to find, verify, and manage using services like upwork. Small teams may find these easier to manage than direct contracts. However, the high fees quickly make it costly for both employer and contractor. Our team of 140+ Bangladeshi developer has over 15+ years of experience in the industry.

Our Hiring Process

By offering our clients easy access to a team of Bangladeshi developers at cost-effective prices with zero setup investment. We quality work at a competitive price. 
  1. Request a Quote
  2. Discuss the feasibilities of the project

FAQs For Offshore Staff Contractors

Will There be Any Hidden Cost For Hire Offshore Staff?

There is no secret expense or wiping out charge to quit working with our offshore group also. You should simply imply us 30 days prior to finishing the relationship with our group, so we can wrap up things.

How Can i Access and Manage my Offshore team?

We will not exclude any outsider administration layer among you and your group. You will have direct to your designers. Furthermore, we will give a tech chief that will likewise go about as a solitary resource during the improvement cycle.

How Are The Meeting Managed for Overseas Clients?

The vast majority of our customers are of various time regions yet as an industry veteran. We have tackled the riddle of our worldwide customers.

Also, planning synchronized gatherings, continually conveying through messages or messages, including project the board apparatuses, and building up a virtual work environment are a portion of the techniques that we use to support the delay.

What is the base number of offshore staff I can recruit?

The entirety of our answers are redone, you can decide the measure of colleagues you employ. Kindly address one of our client care agents in the Bangladesh office on +8801999-997604 to talk about the most ideal alternatives for your business. Hire Offshore Staff !

When I have my offshore group set up, who would i be able to report any issues to?

In the uncommon instance of having any issues with your abroad colleagues. You can contact your committed Account Manager and they will settle any issues that should be amended as fast as could really be expected.

We have heightening cycles set up so that any matter is settle.

We look forward to hearing from you! Call or email us to

Phone: +8801999-997604
Email: [email protected]