Our Remote HR Staff Services To Hire The Talent Staff To Meet Your Needs

Remote HR Staff We offer offshore solutions to work with Bangladeshi professionals, seamlessly and compliantly without setting up local entities. Our candidate database has been built over the years, allowing us to find the best remote talent to meet your needs. We make it easy for you to hire remote talent in these uncertain times.

Remote HR Staffing Solution Services

Our Remote HR Staff Services We Offer

1. Our Services

We provide direct-hire, contract, and contract-to-hire solutions to help our clients grow their businesses through also top talent.

2. Our Team

A team of qualified and experienced placement consultants with more than 15 years of recruiting experience.

3. Our Quality Guarantee

We ensure 100% client satisfaction through our Prolate Promise. Which is our 100% quality guarantee, by working with our remote recruiters every day.

Successful 5 Process Of Remote HR Staffing In Payroll2bangladesh

Remote HR Staffing Services
Remote HR Staffing Services

Remote Staffing

Staffing needs

Payroll2Bangladesh’s consultants are trained to take a approach. We ensure that companies staff needs are understood before remote HR staff begins designing and also personalizing the process to the requirements of the company. Our Payroll2Bangladesh’s remote staff process are:


1. Submit Hiring Requirements

Our consultants will inform you about the market salary range and select the right qualifications for you.

2. Discussions Internally

Our sourcing team organizes an internal team discussion for every member to fully understand your hiring needs and position details.

3. Preparation For an Interview

We will schedule a face-to-face interview or a virtual interview once the client has selected the candidate they wish to interview.

4. Onboarding Processes

It is possible to fully customize the onboarding process. Your offshore staff will be equipped with the right tools and infrastructure to begin also working. 

5. Managing Remote Workers

We take care of payroll, leave management, compliance, and taxes so that companies can focus on leading.

We Strength In Remote HR Staffing Solutions For Better Staff Engagement

Many organizations are turning to employment agencies that specialize in providing remote HR staffing services in Bangladesh due to the complex employment regulations and high costs. Payroll2Bangladesh Consultants offers a comprehensive suite of services for remote HR staffing, including Talent Acquisition, Interview Arrangement, Employees Onboarding, Payroll, Employee Benefits, and also Compliance & Tax.

1. An Established Company

Payroll2bangladesh Consultants, with over 15 years of recruiting experience in a variety of countries. This is familiar with the employment regulations and hiring practices in the Bangladeshi labor market. Our remote staff team is qualify to provide clients with hiring tips and advice for finding the ideal candidate.

2. Experience With Remote Staff in Bangladesh

Payroll2bangladesh Consultants has been providing remote staff in Bangladesh for years. The following are examples of roles that are suitable for remote staff: 


1. Expert in data analysis

2. Manager of e-commerce

3. The Manager of Marketing

4. In Manager of Accounts

5. Copywriting

6. Managing a product

7. Adobe Illustrator

8. Manager of SEO

9. Developing

3. Access To An Extensive Database of Top Candidates

Our experience hiring remote workers in Bangladesh has allowed us to build a large database of candidates across a wide range of industries and positions. Find the most suitable talent with a quick turnaround time to establish your competitive edge.

4. Cost-efficient Services

Payroll2Bangladesh Consultants has always been known for offering quality services at an affordable rate. As opposed to a one-time transactional exchange, our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients. We remain committed to this belief when we customize service agreements for clients, enabling a mutually beneficial and trusting relationship. And we have also gained the expertise and knowledge to select the best talent for the companies’ needs at the most reasonable price because of our long-standing history in Bangladesh.

5. Time-Saving

Due to our comprehensive coverage of employment compliance and tax regulations, companies can save time. We handle the administrative and tedious tasks, so employers can focus on their core competencies. 

Why Work With Us For Remote HR Staff

You Focus On Your Business & We Deliver Talent Affordably. We offer expert recruitment using proven methods developed over 15 years of exclusively hiring and onboarding Bangladeshi staff.

An Established Company

Experience With Remote Staff in Bangladesh

Access To An Extensive Database of Top Candidates

Cost-efficient Services


1. The first step is to gather your qualifications and need

Our specialists will help you determine which quality prospective employees should possess.

2. You must evaluate the top candidates we handpicked for you

Our pre-screening process includes advanced techniques, intensive interviews, and thorough background checks. We will also include any extra steps or process you require.

3. Take a look at your candidates

Please let us know what kind of interview you prefer. We can send you a video profile, schedule a video interview, or schedule an in-person interview.

4. We start putting together your virtual team

We will provide you with the infrastructure, tools, and other things needed for your offshore staff to be successful.

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FAQs For Remote HR Staff Solutions

What software do you use/recommend for remote hiring?

We utilize popular platform like Zoom, Google Hangouts, and Skype to conduct live video interviews with prospects for remote HR staff. Candidates will be able to quickly join the interview by clicking on a link. So, send them an invitation ahead of time.

What if you cannot find the remote contractor I need?

Throughout the recruitment process of remote HR staff, we will keep you updated on the status of your application. If we are unable to fulfill a contractor request. We will contact you as soon as possible and provide you with other options.

How long does it take to find a remote contractor?

Remote Contractor

If a remote contractor is include on our remote HR list, they can be hired right away. You can interview them in two business days and start working with them within two weeks of the final interview.

They aren’t in our pool, the processing time will be determine by the type of role you need. It may take 1-2 weeks to find applicant for non-technical positions.

How do you guarantee the quality of the staff that you will be referring to me?

Over the last 15 years, we’ve improved our services to assist over 3,000 business in hiring 8,000 Filipino remote workers on a long-term basis:

  1. Using best-in-class recruitment software.
  2. Creating a strong employer brand in Bangladesh for the remote HR process.
  3. In Using senior lead to handle the entire process also.
  4. Also Monitoring locations with internet connections and are prone to flood and other natural , reducing the problems of remote working.
  5. Writing, speaking, and also compare skills in English are assess.

Can I request for a staff replacement?

Yes, you certainly can. Throughout our engagement as your partner, we are devoted to providing you with the best people your company requires through the remote HR solutions.

As a result, we provide an hire guarantee.
However, rest assured that our first replacement hire success record is approaching 100 percent.

Get World-Class Remote HR Staffing Services Affordably

We offer the cost-effective remote HR staffing services to provide clients with hiring tips and advice for finding the ideal candidate.