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(Human resource) HR consulting, often known as human capital Advice or HRM consulting, encompasses advisory and implementation services relating to an organization’s human capital management and HR function. The scope of services includes everything from human capital strategy to the design and implementation of a compensation and benefits framework to the transformation of the workforce.

As one of Bangladesh’s leading human resource consulting organizations, our goal is to give you the proper type of assistance in various areas of manpower management so that you may add more value to your company.

One Stop HR Consulting

Even the most efficient, experienced, and meticulous professionals still find their payroll causing them too much stress. If you belong to these kinds of professionals, you can leave your worries behind because Payroll2Bangladesh is nowhere to help you with your needs. Our P2B Assistant eliminates the need for employees and managers to navigate complex HR, Payroll, and Business systems and reduces the pressure on HR Consulting Teams through automating all of the common HR Consulting requests and associated tasks.

Easy-To-Understand Consultation Service

Subscribing to our payroll management services saves up your time so that you can get back to conducting your business and focusing on the core tasks. You can focus on profits, other than concentrating on the time-consuming process of checking and double-checking every payroll of every employee that you have. Exponential value can be added to one’s time working for the company than focusing on getting the numbers right.

Dedicated HR Consulting At Your Service

As a recruitment consultancy agent, our company also makes sure we focus on the HR Consulting needs of our clients. Even if we are managing several clients simultaneously, we make sure no one is left behind. Your needs will always be our priority, and we will concentrate on how to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction. We will allow you to focus on managing your business while we take care of your human resource needs.

Payroll Outsourcing

If you’re looking for a company you can trust in dealing with your payrolls, look no further.

Why We Need ?

We are helped to transform a lot of businesses.

Our partners who work abroad can benefit from Payroll2Bangladesh’s flexible, reliable, and cost-effective HR services.

PEO/ EOR/ GEO Services, Tax, Payroll, Hiring, Firing, Or Adapting.

1. Consultancy Agent

Payroll2Bangladesh is a one-stop shop for the HR Consulting needs of your company, as well as payroll processing. We are an organization composed of experts sharing a similar passion for managing people.

2. Experience

At Payroll2Bangladesh, we appoint a team of professionals who possess extensive experience in the field of HR Consulting, which allows them to have the skills and knowledge required to be working with you.

3. Payroll Outsourcing

Payroll2BD has helped a lot of businesses and companies address every payroll challenge that they were facing. We have excellent experience and expertise, being among the leading payroll outsourcing company.

4. Benefits

We offer facilities such as faster turnaround time and streamlined processes. Our  HR consulting support a business through the whole employee rhythm and process. We consolidate error-free communications.

5. Why We Need

We have helped reorganize a lot of businesses. Many responsibilities of an employer and are crucial for a business. Payroll and automated processes can help a business a huge deal with your clients.

6. Important Matters

If you’re looking for a company you can lean on for dealing with your payrolls, look no further. Our secure methods are designed to create to all of your payment concerns, giving you back all the precious time you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

Payroll 2 Bangladesh is a highly knowledgeable and experienced Human Resources Team. With over 15 years of combined HR experience we have the depth and knowledge to assist partner with your management team and employees as a resource. We have created HR departments in many companies that are true strategic business partners.

We do full scope assessment of your payroll, benefits, Safety and administrative policies and procedures. Moreover, we focus mainly on compliance and later suggestions for greatest practices. As a result of the Audit you get a comprehensive summary, suggestions for compliance and important resources from our HR library of materials customized to your association. Additionally, we are able to create a customized approach to help you in your tactical/Administrative HR tasks as well as serving your organization become more self-sufficient in extents you may not have felt comfortable in earlier.

Our HR Consulting service can be a cost effective resource to make sure you are remaining in compliance, keeping constant communication with staffs, management and executives and give you the capability to carry out common and practice HR processes and solutions. Most significantly it offers your organization consistency in these policies and procedures which diminishes your liability, increases culture/moral and overall communication within your organization. We let you the opportunity to free yourself and other staffs from the administrative burden of HR related tasks and focusing on their main responsibilities to support the organization the way they were intended to.

The primary concern right now is the COVID-19 pandemic and how it influences your business for 2021 and beyond. Variations are occurring almost every day in Unemployment benefits, healthy but fearful workers, ill workers, and staying informed on the numerous new programs. Outside of the pandemic, Worker File and Retention compliance, Altering Benefit administration avenues and best practice initiatives to retain staffs are all areas of high interest.

Member of staff performance reviews, disciplinary and training records, their primary application and new appoint documents that have been shared with them. Access should be confidential. Moreover, kept on a “need to know” basis. Medical information should NOT be included in the Worker file.

Plan Your HR (Human Resource) Services, Tax, Payroll, Hiring, or Adapting.