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World-Class HR and Payroll Processing Services

The HR and payroll processing services and solutions provided by us can compare to none. All companies are unique and diverse, so are their HR and payroll needs. We understand the difference between a 2-employee kitchen installation business is from a 300-employee manufacturing plant. Comprehending this difference, we make sure to provide facilities that are customizable in order to suit the business’ needs. We are one of the most trusted companies that you can rely on. When it comes to improving the payroll in your business. With us, you can make sure that the Outsource HR and Payroll Processing Services you will experience is nothing, but the best. Are you searching the best HR and also manpower recruitment services in Bangladesh?

Our 6 Exclusive Payroll Processing Services Include:

  1. Payroll processing and also management
  2. Employee record management
  3. TDS and other Statutory Services
  4. Employee self service facility
  5. Outsource Payroll Processing Solutions
  6. Client self service
  7. Employee Tax Accounting and also Return Filing

Benefits You Get From Our Payroll Processing Services

Efficient and Reliable

Integrated HR & payroll services to help your business. Speak to RSM today. Secure self-service portal and also your own dedicated payroll executive

We understand the need for extensive knowledge and advanced skills which are required in order to outsource your Payroll Processing and that is exactly what our team has. We are capable of handling a diverse range of businesses from small to medium and also large companies.

Increased Productivity

Payroll for Financial Services

We understand how challenging it is to manage a business no matter how small or big. So, we strive harder to provide with a wide range of cost-effective payroll processing that helps in increasing productivity.

Peace of Mind

With Domestic Outsourcing HR & payroll services and also employment contracts.

We assure that we understand the needs of our clients before taking any sort of action. So the results that we offer simply reflect the high-quality solutions and services that you are looking for.

Outsource Payroll Processing

Payroll, HR and Tax Services.

Even the most efficient, experienced and meticulous professionals still find their causing them too much stress. If you belong to these kinds of professionals and you can leave your worries behind because, Payroll2bangladesh is now here to help you with your needs. We know and understand that the requirements of businesses are different from one another. So we make sure that our firm is equipped with everything, that you need and you can be satisfied with all the results you can get from us.

FAQ For Payroll Processing?

Are there any hidden fees?

With our organization, what you see is the thing that we charge. We don’t charge quarterly expenses or charges for handling finance on a Thursday for a Friday really take a look at date. Sadly, we can’t say that the entirety of our competitors.

How is the On-boarding Process work?

When we get you set up in our framework. Your execution expert will contact you to get your first finance arrangement. Which is incorporates direct stops. They will persist your finance information from the current year (assuming any).

On-Boarding Process:

We train organizations on the best way to utilize our product and walk you through. How to run Payroll however many occasions as you need. In case, you are occupied we comprehend. You can just send us your hours and wages for Payroll through email and we can deal with Payroll for your benefit.

Which is the best frequency to pay my employees?

It’s up to the entrepreneur to decide an installment plan that best accommodates their plan of action. As a rule, workers are most joyful getting pay week by week. Having a particularly regular compensation cycle is frequently seen as an extra advantage by workers. We see retail organizations, development organizations, and talented work organizations pay representatives consistently more regularly than different enterprises. The lone disadvantage to week by week finance preparing. That is costs more than the other compensation frequencies Payroll Processing.

When do I need to get started?

All we need is your organization and representative data, and finance history (assuming any) during the current year. Call us to plan an arrangement to examine your finance necessities.

Do workers get online admittance to their compensation?

Totally. Your representatives can likewise get to their compensation hits safely online at Payroll2Bd, 24 hours per day, 7 days seven days.

Is Outsourcing Payroll Processing Worth the Cost?

Regardless of whether you have just a single representative. You should truly consider a finance administration to assist you with planning checks, paying and announcing finance charges. Keep in mind, one fine or punishment for a missed installment or report may be in excess of an entire year of administration. Setting up a finance framework for your business isn’t your primary goal. However on the off chance that you have a help. It is something less thing you have to think about Payroll Processing.

Payroll Processing/Outsourcing Service: Cost Effective, Flexible & Secured Solutions